Greetings and thanks for visiting my user page. I do not speak Turkish at all (I only read), but I like Turkey, its culture and its history. So I created many articles in Catalan Wikipedia about your country (This is the list). Fortunately, due to automatic translators, I can read and understand, more or less, written texts in Turkish language. Any contributions or suggestions are welcome (please, do it at my user page on Catalan Wikipedia. (here)

Teşekkür ederiz!

ca Aquest usuari parla català com a la llengua materna.
es La lengua nativa de este usuario es el español.
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de-1 Diese Person hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
ke-1 Ο χρήστης ούτος δύναται συνεισφέρειν μετά μικράς γνώσεως της Κοινής Ελληνικής.
la-1 Hic usuarius simplice latinitate contribuere potest.
tr-0 Bu kullanıcı hiç Türkçe bilmiyor.
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