Speak to Me

"Speak to Me" İngiliz progressive rock grubu Pink Floyd'un 1973 yılında çıkardığı The Dark Side of the Moon albümünün ilk parçasıdır.[1][2] Nick Mason receives a rare solo writing credit for the track; Roger Waters subsequently claimed this was a "gift" to Mason, one which Waters came to regret after his acrimonious departure from the band.[3][4] A live version is included on Pulse.

"Speak to Me"
Dark Side of the Moon albümünden Pink Floyd şarkısı
Yayımlanma 1 Mart 1973
Kaydedilme June 1972 – January 1973
Tarz Instrumental, musique concrète, experimental
Şirket Harvest
Yazar Nick Mason


The song itself features no lyrics (although it contains parts of the conversation tapes that Pink Floyd recorded, as well a short snippet of Clare Torry's vocal performance on "The Great Gig in the Sky"), and consists of a series of sound effects. It leads into the first performance piece on the album, "Breathe". As a result, they are usually played together on the radio, and most later re-releases merge the two songs together.

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Noticeable sound and instrument effects include:

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I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years. I've been over the edge for yonks. Been working with bands so long, I think. Crikey...
I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us are. (" Hep deliydim, biliyorum deliydim, çoğumuz gibi.") It's very hard to explain why you're mad, even if you're not mad. ("Neden delisin sen açıklaması zor, deli olmasan bile.")



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