Merhaba, Vikiçizer! Thank you for improving my article about Anna. Stay well! ;) --Valerije (mesaj) 08:17, 20 Mart 2015 (UTC)

Merhaba Valerije, you can always ask for help. bye Vikiçizer (mesaj) 10:55, 20 Mart 2015 (UTC)

Italic titleDüzenle

Merhaba, Vikiçizer! Nasılsın? :) I have a question for you; I really hope I do not bother you now – I made an article about one telenovela, and I wonder – how can I made the title italic (italik yazı)?--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 17:44, 16 Aralık 2015 (UTC)

Merhaba Valerije, I'm fine, how are you? No problem, I'm always here to help. You know already how can you made but let me try to explain:) If you wanna make the title italic, use ' font character two times, both side (left and right). Like this Catalina ve Sebastián. Wanna make both bold and italic, use ' font character five times. Like this Catalina ve Sebastián. But you've already made the title, bold and italic, the title is ready. Bye...Vikiçizer (mesaj) 19:14, 17 Aralık 2015 (UTC)
Hehe... I'm quite fine, too. And I am very sorry for bothering again, but I asked a question in a wrong way... I know how to make text italic, which you pointed to in your message, but I am actually asking - how to make the title italic like here, where the name of telenovela at the top of the article is italic? Please, forgive me for the disturbance!--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 21:48, 17 Aralık 2015 (UTC)
Now understood:) I think, it's related infoboxes. If you add an infobox, this title automatically will be italic. I added an infobox to Catalina ve Sebastián, now title is italic. There's no disturbance, ask me anything. Bye...Vikiçizer (mesaj) 23:37, 18 Aralık 2015 (UTC)

Şirin HatunDüzenle

Merhaba, Okanfan! Nasılsın? ;) Teşekkürler - thank you for improving this article! Stay well!--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 12:19, 21 Aralık 2015 (UTC)
  • Merhaba Valerije~trwiki. Bir şey değil. Bye:) -- OkanfanEvet benim? 14:49, 21 Aralık 2015 (UTC)


Hey, Vikiçizer, how are you today? :-D I just wanted to ask - like usual ;-) - something about putting images. You noticed that I was writing about some telenovelas, like this one, and now I am wondering - what is the policy on Turkish Wiki about uploading images from TV series and films? Is it OK to upload non-free picture here in order to illustrate some articles about TV and films?--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 17:23, 26 Nisan 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I'm okay, you? I said million times, ask me anything:) There is no special policy on this Wiki about uploading files from TV series and films. All screenshots files here, you can examine. You can upload a screenshot like en:File:EmmaLaura-Marisol.png. Non free use is OK...Vikiçizer (mesaj) 19:42, 26 Nisan 2016 (UTC)

Image sizeDüzenle

Hi! Vikiçizer, only one question: is it possible to reduce image size, like here, in the infobox for royalty? Or the size is automatic? (And, by the way, I really appreciate every part of your help!)--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 09:28, 5 Mayıs 2016 (UTC)

Merhaba Valerije. Yes, it is possible. Turkish "resim_boyutu" means "image_size". You can write "150px", "200px" or another size. I did it "200px", you can reduce more:) Best regards...Vikiçizer (mesaj) 19:35, 10 Mayıs 2016 (UTC)


Selam, Vikiçizer! :) Do you remember when I asked about images? I just uploaded one screenshot of telenovela Marisol depicting the actress Emma Laura. Can you, please, check the image? I wonder did I provide right information in licence. Çok teşekkürler!--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 14:32, 6 Temmuz 2016 (UTC)

Merhaba Valerije. I checked it. There's no problem, you did it right. See ya, bye.Vikiçizer (mesaj) 20:59, 11 Temmuz 2016 (UTC)


Merhaba! Vikiçizer, I wish you happy Christmas, although I don't know do you celebrate it (at least in a secular way)! I hope you and your family are OK. ;) P.S. Thank you once again on all the help!--Valerije~trwiki (mesaj) 10:15, 25 Aralık 2016 (UTC)

Merhaba Valerije~trwiki. Thank you very much, Merry Christmas and may you live a long and happy life:) See ya! --Vikiçizer (mesaj) 18:32, 25 Aralık 2016 (UTC)