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“If you prick us do we not bleed?
If you tickle us do we not laugh?
If you poison us do we not die?
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”
   — Shylock (The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare)

About me

Hi, I am BennTheResearcher. I was born in a AshkenazicYishuv family in Istanbul, Turkey. I joined here in the second week of 2020, but only as an editor for the first month and a half. I started my "writing" activities in March 2020.

My work

My main job is writing, cleaning, and hunts vandals. I know English, Turkish; middle-level Hebrew, Yiddish, and I know first-level Latin. That's why, I also transmit information between these languages. I have many interests: Jewish history, Near Eastern history, mathematical physics, politics, and economics & finance, some of these.

Contact me

✉ If you want to contact with me, click on this address and write.