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I live in Greece and I am particularly interested in language issues.

I participate in a site, in greek, concerning greek language and languages in Greece from an antinationalist point of view ανορθογραφίες and, also in greek, in an information mailing list with the same point of view Glos Inform. ανορθογραφίες means 'mispellings'.

I also participate in Wikipedia in greek where I am maintaining Portal:Language and contributing on linguistic issues.

You can leave me a message at my talk or, even better, you can send me an e-mail

I do not accualy speak turkish, but Vikipedi is a good chance to learn some. So I am here more to try to read than write articles. I believe the vast common volaburary between greek and turkish will help. Of course, I also count on interwikis.

--Valentin 21:11, 14 Mayıs 2006 (UTC)