Şablon:Ülke telefon planı bilgi kutusu

Şablon belgelemesi[gör] [değiştir] [geçmiş] [temizle]
Ülke [[{{{country_link}}}|{{{country}}}]]
Kıta [[{{{continent}}}'daki telefon numaraları|{{{continent}}}]]
Regülatör {{{regulator}}}
Üyelik {{{plan_membership}}}
Tip {{{plan_type}}}
NSN uzunluğu {{{nsn_length}}}
Tipik biçim {{{number_format}}}
Numaralandırma planı {{{plan_link}}}
Son güncellenme {{{plan_date}}}
Erişim kodları
Ülke telefon kodu {{{country_calling_code}}}
Uluslararası arama öneki {{{international_prefix}}}
Gövde öneki {{{trunk_prefix}}}
[[{{{codes_list}}}|{{{country}}} telefon kodları listesi]]

This template collects some data about the telephone numbering plan of a country or region.


Boş söz dizimiDüzenle


{{Infobox country telephone plan
 | ülke                =
 | ülke_link           =
 | kıta                =
 | harita_resmi        =
 | harita_altyazı      =
 | harita_boyutu       =
 | harita_açıklama     =
 | regülatör           =
 | plan_üyelik         =
 | plan_tipi           =
 | nsn_uzunluğu        =
 | numara_biçimi       =
 | plan_link           =
 | plan_tarih          =
 | ülke_telefon_kodu   =
 | uluslararası_önek   =
 | gövde_öneki         =
 | kod_listesi         =


{{Infobox country telephone plan
 | country              =
 | country_link         =
 | continent            =
 | map_image            =
 | map_caption          =
 | map_size             =
 | map_alt              =
 | regulator            =
 | plan_membership      =
 | plan_type            =
 | nsn_length           =
 | number_format        =
 | plan_link            =
 | plan_date            =
 | country_calling_code =
 | international_prefix =
 | trunk_prefix         =
 | codes_list           =


Required parametersDüzenle

For this template to function properly, all of the parameters in this section must be specified.

  • country: Name of the country. Appears in the title of the infobox, and is also shown with the label Country. Do not wikilink this parameter – use country_link to specify a link destination instead.
  • country_link: Name of the Wikipedia article about the country. Set this to none to remove the link.
  • continent: Name of the continent that contains the country. This is shown with the label Continent, and is automatically linked to the article titled "Telephone numbers in continent".

Access codesDüzenle

At least one of these parameters should be set. Ideally, all should be set.

  • country_calling_code: The country code for calls to the country. Include the leading '+' in this parameter.
  • international_prefix: The prefix that must be dialed in the country for international calls.
  • trunk_prefix: The national trunk prefix that must be dialed to reach a non-local domestic number.

Other parametersDüzenle

At least one of these parameters should be set.

  • regulator: Name of the organisation that regulates the country's dial plan. Can be a wikilink.
  • plan_membership: If the numbering plan is part of a larger numbering plan (e.g. the North American Numbering Plan), give the name of that numbering plan here. Can be a wikilink.
  • nsn_length: National Significant Number length. This is the number of digits in a long-distance telephone number, including the area code but not counting the trunk prefix.
  • plan_type: Telephone numbering plan types are either open or closed.
  • number_format: An example of how a typical phone number for this country is written, with digits replaced by placeholder letters.
  • codes_list: Title of an article with a list of area codes for this country. Leave this parameter blank if the area codes are in the same article as the infobox.


These parameters can be safely omitted or left blank if no map is available.

  • map_image: Name of a file that shows a map of the country and the surrounding area. Ideally, the country should be highlighted in some way on the map. Do not include the File: prefix, and do not use square brackets around the name.
  • map_caption: Caption shown beneath the map. For example, "Location of Gnomeland (dark green)".
  • map_size: Size at which the map is displayed. Does not normally need to be specified. See Wikipedia:Picture tutorial#Thumbnail sizes for details of values that are valid here.
  • map_alt: Alternate text for readers that cannot view the map (e.g. blind users).