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'''wikispam''''ın iki çeşidi vardır. Bunlar maddelerdeki reklam gizlemek ve dış bağlantı [[reklam]]ıdır.
There are two types of '''wikispam'''. These are advertisements masquerading as articles and external link [[Spam (electronic)|spamming]].
== Maddelerde Reklam Gizlenmesi ==
== Advertisements masquerading as articles ==
ArticlesMaddelerdeki consideredreklamlar advertisementsbir include thoseiçin thatistenenleri areiçerir, solicitationssonuç forve aya businesshizmet, productya or service, or areda [[publichalkla relationsilişkiler]] piecesparçaları bir şirketi designedve toya promotebireyi aterfi companyettirme oramaçlı individualyapılır. Wikispam articles are usually noted for sales-oriented language and external links to a commercial website. However, a differentiation should be made between spam articles and legitimate articles about commercial entities.
Blatant examples of [[advertising]] masquerading as articles can be [[WP:CSD|speedily deleted]] by tagging the articles with {{tl|db-spam}}. Other advertisements posted on Wikipedia can be dealt with by either [[WP:PROD|proposed deletion]] or listing them on [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion]]. On some occasions, the content can be removed temporarily on the basis of a suspected copyright violation, since the text is often copied from another website and posted anonymously. Before trying to get an advertisement masquerading as an article deleted, please check the article's history to see if an acceptable article exists there. If so, please revert to the latest acceptable version of the article.