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| başlık = Niccolò da Ponte portresi <br/><small>Ressam:[[Palma il Giovane]]</small>
| veraset = Venedik Cumhuriyeti Doçesi (87.) <br/>'''Doge di Venezia'''
| hüküm_süresi = 11 Mart [[1578]] – 30 Temmuz [[1585]]<br/>7 yıl 4 ay 19 gün
| taç_giymesi =
| önce_gelen = [[Sebastiano Venier]]
| doğum_tarihi = 15 Ocak 1491
| doğum_yeri = [[Venedik]]
| ölüm_tarihi = 30 Temmuz [[1585]](yaş: 94)
| ölüm_yeri = Venedik
| defin_tarihi =
[[Dosya:Doge_Niccolò da Ponte.png|thumb|200px|Niccolò da Ponte arması ve imzası]]
'''Niccolò da Ponte''' (d. 15 Ocak [[1491]], [[Venedik]] - ö. 30 Temmuz [[1585]], Venedik). 11 Mart [[1578]] – 30 Temmuz [[1585]] dōneminde [[Venedik Cumhuriyeti]]nde "Doçe" unvanı ile devlet başkanlığı yapan 87'ıncı dükadır. Doçe [[Sebastiano Venier]]'in ölümünden sonra yapılan seçimden sonra 11 Mart [[1578]]'de tahta çıktı. 7 yıl 4 ay 18 gün süren Venedik Cumhuriyeti "Doçe"'lik saltanatından sonra 30 Temmuz [[1585]]'te 94 yaşında Venedik'te öldü. Doçelik donemi Venedik için gayet barışçıl ve sakin gecen bir dönem olmuştur.
=== Doçe olmadan önce ===
Niccolò da Ponte 15 Ocak [[1491]]'da Venedik'te Venedik'in patrisiyen asil bir ailesi mensubu olan Antonio da Ponte ile İstanbul'da yasayan bir Venedikli aile asilli Regina Spandolin'ın oğlu olarak doğdu.
The family [[Bridge]] had gone through a period of severe financial difficulties after the conquest [[Ottoman Empire |]] of [[Evia | Negroponte]], where he owned considerable property, but the marriage of the father with a Greek suggests that still maintained business interests in the East.
However he lacked an excellent education, having trained at the famous ' [[John the Baptist Ch | Egnazio]] ' and having followed later lectures in philosophy at the [[University of Padua]]. But studies concluded, perhaps not for the outbreak of the [[war of the League of Cambrai]]. She was able to achieve a doctorate in medicine in Venice ([[1514]]).
Like all young scions Venetians began a promising '' cursus honorum '' (he had considerable dowry both physical and mental) that saw him elected savio orders, but interrupted him immediately. It seems that in the twenty years between the [[1512]] and [[1530]] was engaged in businesses, so much so that he managed to build a [[palazzo Da Ponte | sumptuous palace]] to [[Church of San Maurizio (Venice) | San Maurizio]] and to put aside a fortune estimated at 150. 000 ducats. At the same time, he cultivated successfully cultural interests: in [[1521]] had the task of replacing for two years [[Sebastian Foscarini]] as Lector of philosophy in the school of [[Rialto Venice | Rialto]].
[[1520]] [[Canal]] married Alvise Sumnima who gave Anthony and Paulina. Having predeceased son ([[1558]]), he left his possessions to his nephew Nicolas with whom, who died in [[1590]] without heirs, became extinct branch of the Bridge where it belonged.
[[1570]] became [[procurators | Procurator of San Marco]].
Despite his age, especially for the very advanced age, his dogado lasted more than seven years and saw him very active. During the internal crisis of [[1581]] - [[1582 | 82]], which led to the reform of the [[Council of Ten]], was a reference to the young politicians. On several occasions he distinguished himself for his [[anti-clericalism]].
After a lifetime dedicated to trade and the administrative burdens, he became doge March 11, 1578. Over 87 years, exceptional age for the time, few expect his election and slanderers, he gets the job with his money more than for his merits.
| önce = [[Sebastiano Venier]]
| başlık= [[Venedik doçeleri listesi|Venedik Doçesi]]
| yıllar= [[1578]][[1585]]
| sonra= [[Pasquale Cicogna]]}}
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