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== Request ==
Hey how are you?, Could you create the article [[:en:List of Christians in science and technology]] in Turkish? or at least some small parts? Thanks so much.--[[Kullanıcı:Jobas|Jobas]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:Jobas|mesaj]]) 02:40, 4 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
::I'd be happy to help. Although, most of the time the access to Wikipedia in Turkey is blocked by the government. So, I can not help. The reason I replied your message so late is because somehow the access to Wikipedia is not blocked right now. I won't be able to help, sorry.--'''[[Kullanıcı:Iskenderbalas|<span style="color: #007FFF">&nbsp;İskender</span>]]'''[[Kullanıcı mesaj:Iskenderbalas|<span style="color:#003FFF">'''Balas'''</span>]]<sup><small>[[Kullanıcı mesaj:Iskenderbalas|💬]]</small></sup> 01:56, 29 Ekim 2017 (UTC)