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After a short siege, the Saracens were able to storm the seaward walls, overcome the Thessalonians' resistance and take the city on 29 July. The sacking continued for a full week, before the raiders departed for their bases in the [[Levant]], having freed 4,000 Muslim prisoners while capturing 60 ships,<ref>Faith and sword: a short history of Christian-Muslim conflict By Alan G. Jamieson, pg.32</ref> and gaining a large loot and 22,000 captives, mostly young people.<ref>cf. the account of [[John Kaminiates]]</ref> In the event, most of the captives, including [[John Kaminiates]], who chronicled the sack, were ransomed by the Empire and exchanged for Muslim captives.
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* {{citation | title = John Kaminiates: The Capture of Thessaloniki | editor1-first = David | editor1-last = Frendo | editor2-first = Athanasios | editor2-last = Fotiou | publisher = Australian Association for Byzantine Studies | year = 2000 | location = Perth | isbn = 1-876503-00-9}}
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