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Gönüllü kullanıcıların katkılarıyla [[bilgi]]ye ücretsiz erişilmesini sağlayan ''özgür ansiklopedi'' Vikipedi'ye destek olun, sevgiler. - [[Kullanıcı:Mavrikant|Mavrikant]]<sup>[[Kullanıcı mesaj:Mavrikant|msj]]</sup> 08:25, 19 Aralık 2014 (UTC)</div>
== Good morning from [[en:Campora San Giovanni]], thanks for the wonderful translations and kind translation request for Campora San Giovanni into Turkish...and friendly exchanges and collaborations. Thanks as always from the heart--[[Kullanıcı:Lodewijk Vadacchino|Lodewijk Vadacchino]] 06:13, 5 Şubat 2012 (UTC) ==
Good morning and Happy Sunday from Campora San Giovanni,
I am writing to thank you first of all the wonderful translations you did for me, and know how you are. Beyond this to provide you with all my heart my Italian and my Sicilian translations of turkish articles of interest, of course, when you have time make me a nice list of what can be translated into Italian and Sicilian. I also say that it would be nice to be able to bridge Turkey-Calabria, having passed the common origins of the two territories. too many words in my dialect of Turkish or Turkic origins have, then I really love languages ​​by how well you can see.
I commend the two articles, one about my native town, which saw the brief passage of the Turks some centuries ago, and one of [[Ludmila Radçenko]], which is already in turkish but needs only a adjusted to the article.
Well, what about more, your sure of a certain response (and not worry about the delay) I thank you in advance of my heart ... thank you for everything and Happy Sunday. cordially. Luigi--[[Kullanıcı:Lodewijk Vadacchino|Lodewijk Vadacchino]] 06:13, 5 Şubat 2012 (UTC)
:hello again. Firstly, thank you for your kind words, i'm glad if I could be useful. i should thank to you for another reason, because of you, turkish wikipedia have new articles. i was inactive for a long time, unfortunately. so now -many years later- I can write an answer, i'm sorry for that. i'm adjusted -maybe rewrite- the article as soon as possible. thanks again, see you --<font color="#800000">[[Kullanıcı:Merube 89|'''Merube 89''']]</font>[[Kullanıcı mesaj:Merube 89|<font color="#808080"><sup>'''''msj'''''</sup></font>]] 09:58, 23 Ocak 2016 (UTC)