The WB Television veya The WB, 11 Ocak 1995'te yayına başladı. The WB'nin dizileri arasında, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Smallville Gibi Dizileri Bulnunmakta. Ayrıca The WB'nin Tek Bir Showu Var; Beauty and the Geek. 17 Eylül 2006'da UPN ile Birleşerek, The CW adını aldı.

The WB Television Network
Kuruluş 11 Ocak 1995 (TV)
28 Nisan 2008 (Online)
Sahibi Time Warner[1]
Ülke  ABD

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  1. ^ Sources vary as to the exact composition of The WB's ownership. According to at least one source, as of 2001, the ownership was split among Time Warner (64%), Tribune Company (25%), and Jamie Kellner's firm ACME Communications (11%). Published reports in early 2006, dealing with the launch of The CW, suggested Tribune was at the time the only minority shareholder, with just 22.5% (giving Time Warner 77.5%), which it would be relinquishing in order to avoid shutdown costs for The WB [1] 26 Eylül 2007 tarihinde sitesinde arşivlendi.