Philip K. Dick Ödülü

Philip K. Dick Ödülü, Philadelphia Bilimkurgu Topluluğu sponsorluğunda Norwescon tarafından bilimkurgu ve fantezi yazarı Philip K. Dick adına her yıl verilen ödüldür.

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Yıl Yazar Kitap
1982 Rudy Rucker Software
Ray Nelson The Prometheus Man
J. M. Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians
R. A. Lafferty Aurelia
John Sladek Roderick
Steve Rasnic Tem The Umbral Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry
1983 Tim Powers The Anubis Gates
R. A. MacAvoy Tea with the Black Dragon
Barrington J. Bayley The Zen Gun
Zoe Fairbairns Benefits
M. John Harrison The Floating Gods
John Varley Millennium
1984 William Gibson Neuromancer
Kim Stanley Robinson The Wild Shore
C. J. Cherryh Voyager in Night
Geary Gravel The Alchemists
David R. Palmer Emergence
Lucius Shepard Green Eyes
Lewis Shiner Frontera
Howard Waldrop Them Bones
1985 Tim Powers Dinner at Deviant's Palace
Richard Grant Saraband of Lost Time
Russell Griffin The Timeservers
Michael P. Kube-McDowell Emprise
Barry N. Malzberg The Remaking of Sigmund Freud
Scott Russell Sanders Terrarium
Walter Jon Williams Knight Moves
1986 James P. Blaylock Homunculus
Jack McDevitt The Hercules Text
Karen Joy Fowler Artificial Things
Robert Charles Wilson A Hidden Place
1987 Patricia Geary Strange Toys
Mike McQuay Memories
Richard Bowker Dover Beach
Pat Cadigan Mindplayers
K. W. Jeter Dark Seeker
Rebecca Ore Becoming Alien
Lucius Shepard Life During Wartime
1988 Paul J. McAuley (berabere) Four Hundred Billion Stars
Rudy Rucker (berabere) Wetware
Roger MacBride Allen Orphan of Creation
Marc Laidlaw Neon Lotus
David Alexander Smith Rendezvous
1989 Richard Paul Russo Subterranean Gallery
Dave Wolverton On My Way to Paradise
Barry B. Longyear Infinity Hold
James Luceno A Fearful Symmetry
Rebecca Ore Being Alien
Susan Shwartz Heritage of Flight
1990 Pat Murphy Points of Departure
Raymond Harris The Schizogenic Man
Gregory Feeley The Oxygen Barons
Elizabeth Hand Winterlong
Allen M. Steele Clarke County, Space
1991 Ian McDonald King of Morning, Queen of Day
Emma Bull Bone Dance
Douglas Bell Mojo and the Pickle Jar
Kathe Koja The Cipher
Robert Charles Wilson Bridge of Years
1992 Richard Grant Through the Heart
Élisabeth Vonarburg In the Mothers' Land
Colin Greenland Take Back Plenty
Elizabeth Hand Aestival Tide
R. A. Lafferty Iron Tears
1993 John M. Ford (berabere) Growing Up Weightless
Jack Womack (berabere) Elvissey
Wilhelmina Baird Crash Course
David R. Bunch Bunch!
Elizabeth Hand Icarus Descending
1994 Robert Charles Wilson Mysterium
Jack Cady Inagehi
Alexander Besher Rim: A Novel of Virtual Reality
Ian McDonald Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone
Lisa Mason Summer of Love
Lance Olsen Tonguing the Zeitgeist
1995 Bruce Bethke Headcrash
Richard Paul Russo Carlucci's Edge
Shale Aaron Virtual Death
Greg Egan Permutation City
Amy Thomson The Color of Distance
Élisabeth Vonarburg Reluctant Voyagers
1996 Stephen Baxter The Time Ships
Michael Bishop At the City Limits of Fate
William Barton The Transmigration of Souls
George Foy The Shift
Sarah Zettel Reclamation
1997 Stepan Chapman The Troika
William Barton Acts of Conscience
Susan R. Matthews An Exchange of Hostages
Richard Paul Russo Carlucci's Heart
Denise Vitola Opalite Moon
Catherine Wells Mother Grimm
1998 Geoff Ryman 253: The Print Remix
Paul Di Filippo Lost Pages
Nalo Hopkinson Brown Girl in the Ring
Steve Aylett Slaughtermatic
Paul J. McAuley The Invisible Country
1999 Stephen Baxter Vacuum Diagrams
Jamil Nasir Tower of Dreams
Kristine Smith Code of Conduct
Constance Ash, ed. Not of Woman Born
Toni Anzetti Typhon's Children
William Barton When We Were Real
2000 Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward
Scott Westerfeld Evolution's Darling
Stephen L. Burns Call from a Distant Shore
Nalo Hopkinson Midnight Robber
Maggy Thomas Broken Time
Janine Ellen Young The Bridge
2001 Richard Paul Russo Ship of Fools
Ken Wharton Divine Intervention
Julie E. Czerneda In the Company of Others
Mark W. Tiedemann Compass Reach
Ray Vukcevich Meet Me in the Moon Room
Liz Williams The Ghost Sister
2002 Carol Emshwiller The Mount
China Miéville The Scar
Carol Emshwiller Report to the Men’s Club
Kay Kenyon Maximum Ice
Karin Lowachee Warchild
Liz Williams Empire of Bones
Jeff VanderMeer, Forrest Aguirre (eds.) Leviathan Three
2003 Richard K. Morgan Altered Carbon
Jane Jensen Dante's Equation
M. M. Buckner Hyperthought
Mark Budz Clade
Chris Moriarty Spin State
Ann Tonsor Zeddies Steel Helix
2004 Gwyneth Jones Life
Lyda Morehouse Apocalypse Array
Geoff Ryman Air
Liz Williams Banner of Souls
Karen Traviss City of Pearl
Minister Faust The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad
Eileen Gunn Stable Strategies and Others
2005 M. M. Buckner War Surf
Justina Robson Natural History
Neal Asher Cowl
Karin Lowachee Cagebird
Justina Robson Silver Screen
Wil McCarthy To Crush the Moon
2006 Chris Moriarty Spin Control
Elizabeth Bear Carnival
Andrea Hairston Mindscape
Nina Kiriki Hoffman Catalyst: A Novel of Alien Contact
Tony Ballantyne Recursion
Mark Budz Idolon
Justina Robson Living Next Door to the God of Love
2007 M. John Harrison Nova Swing
Minister Faust From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain
Jon Armstrong Grey
Elizabeth Bear Undertow
Adam Roberts Gradisil
Karen Traviss Ally
Sean Williams (yazar) Saturn Returns
2008 Adam-Troy Castro (berabere) Emissaries from The Dead
David Walton (berabere) Terminal Mind
Lou Anders Fast Forward 2
Karen Traviss Judge
Jeff Carlson Plague War
K. A. Bedford Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait
2009 C. L. Anderson Bitter Angels
Ian McDonald Cyberabad Days
Carlos J. Cortes The Prisoner
Eric Garcia The Repossession Mambo
Daryl Gregory The Devil's Alphabet
Rebecca Ore Centuries Ago and Very Fast
S. Andrew Swann Prophets
2010 Mark Hodder The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack
Project Itoh (çeviren Alexander O. Smith) Harmony
Jon Armstrong Yarn
Elizabeth Bear Chill
Alden Bell The Reapers are the Angels
Sara Creasy Song of Scarabaeus
James Knapp State of Decay
2011 Simon Morden The Samuil Petrovitch Trilogy
Robert Jackson Bennett The Company Man
Jean Johnson A Soldier's Duty
Maureen F. McHugh After the Apocalypse
Mira Grant Deadline
Matthew Hughes The Other
Drew Magary The Postmortal
2012 Brian Francis Slattery Lost Everything
Andri Snær Magnason LoveStar
Ryan Boudinot Blueprints of the Afterlife
Keith Brooke Harmony
Eric Brown Helix Wars
Moira Crone the not yet
Nancy Kress Fountain of Age: Stories
2013 Ben H. Winters Countdown City
Toh EnJoe Self-Reference Engine
Anne Charnock A Calculated Life
Cassandra Rose Clarke The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice
Jack Skillingstead Life on the Preservation
Ian Whates (ed.) Solaris Rising 2: The New Solaris Books of Science Fiction
2014 Meg Elison The Book of the Unnamed Midwife
Jennifer Marie Brissett Elysium
Rod Duncan The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter
Emmi Itäranta Memory of Water
Cherie Priest Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches
Jonathan Strahan (ed.) Reach for Infinity
2015 Ramez Naam Apex
Marguerite Reed Archangel
Brenda Cooper Edge of Dark
Douglas Lain After the Saucers Landed
PJ Manney (R)evolution
Adam Rakunas Windswept
2016 Claudia Casper The Mercy Journals
Susan diRende Unpronounceable
Kristy Acevedo Consider
Eleanor Arnason Hwarhath Stories: Transgressive Tales by Aliens
Matt Hill Graft
Yoss Super Extra Grande

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