Exciter, Depeche Mode'un onuncu stüdyo albümü. 14 Mayıs 2001'da Mute Records etiketiyle yayımlandı.

Depeche Mode stüdyo albümü
Yayımlanma 14 Mayıs 2001 (2001-05-14)
Kaydedilme 2000-2001
Tarz Alternative rock, alternative dance, synthpop, electronic rock, dance-rock, electronica, soft rock
Süre 56:40
Şirket Mute, Sire, Reprise
Yapımcı Mark Bell
Depeche Mode kronolojisi
Playing the Angel

Track listingsDeğiştir

All tracks was writing by Martin Gore.
1. Dream On - 4:19
2. Shine - 5:32
3. The Sweetest Condition - 3:42
4. When the Body Speaks - 6:01
5. The Dead of Night - 4:50
6. Lovetheme - 2:02
7. Freelove - 6:10
8. Comatose - 3:24
9. I Feel Loved - 4:20
10. Breathe - 5:17
11. Easy Tiger - 2:10
12. I Am You - 5:10
13. Goodnight Lovers - 3:48


1. In all tracks Christian Eigner is playing the drums.
2. Single version of "Freelove" was remixed by Flood. This version is more dance and shorter than album version of track.
3. In the track "Dream On" Martin Gore and David Gahan are playing the acoustic guitars.
4. Acoustic version of track "When the Body Speaks" was released as a B-side of single "Goodnight Lovers" (2002).
5. "Full version" of instrumental track "Easy Tiger" was released as a B-side of single "Dream On" (2001).
6. "Exciter" is the second album (after the "Ultra") recorded without Alan Wilder.
7. Song "Dirt" is the cover of The Stooges track, which was released as a B-side of single "I Feel Loved" (2001).
8. "Comatose" and "Breathe" were singing alone by Martin Gore.
9. "Easy Tiger" is a shorter version of track "Easy Tiger (Full Version)".
10. "Lovetheme" and "Easy Tiger" are instrumental tracks.
11. "Zenstation" is a instrumental track (Martin Gore is singing in almost moments of this track and playing the bass guitar), which was released as a B-side of single "Freelove" (2001).
12. In the video to "Freelove" Martin Gore is playing the electric guitar, Andy Fletcher is playing the keyboard, David Gahan is singing and Christian Eigner is playing the drums.
13. In the video to "I Feel Loved" Martin Gore with Andy Fletcher are playing the keyboards, David Gahan is singing and Christian Eigner is playing the drums. Recorded the film to "I Feel Loved" was in Japonya's club.
14. In the video to "Goodnight Lovers" Martin Gore with Andy Fletcher aren't playing the keyboards (but singing) and David Gahan is singing, too.
15. Singles "Dream On", "I Feel Loved" and "Freelove" have single versions. "Goodnight Lovers" was released as a single with album length (3:48) and all things from album version of track.
16. Single "Goodnight Lovers" was released in 2002 year (not in 2001, like three singles before released last single from this album).


1. David Gahan - lead vocals (without "Lovetheme", "Comatose", "Breathe" and "Easy Tiger"), electric guitar ("Breathe", "I Am You"), acoustic guitar ("Dream On"), bass guitar ("The Sweetest Condition", "Freelove"), piano ("Lovetheme")
2. Martin Gore - keyboard ("Comatose", "I Feel Loved", "Easy Tiger", "I Am You", "Goodnight Lovers"), lead vocals ("Comatose", "Breathe"), bass guitar ("Shine", "The Sweetest Condition", "When the Body Speaks", "Lovetheme", "Freelove", "Breathe"), acoustic guitar ("Dream On"), backing vocals (without "Lovetheme", "Comatose", "Breathe" and "Easy Tiger")
3. Andy Fletcher - keyboard (all tracks), backing vocals ("Dream On", "When the Body Speaks", "I Feel Loved", "Goodnight Lovers")
4. Christian Eigner - drums (all tracks)
5. Peter Gordeno - keyboard (all tracks), backing vocals ("Dream On", "I Feel Loved", "I Am You", "Goodnight Lovers")


1. Dream On (Yayımlanma - 24 Nisan 2001)
2. I Feel Loved (Yayımlanma - 30 Temmuz 2001)
3. Freelove (Flood Mix) (Yayımlanma - 5 Kasım 2001)
4. Goodnight Lovers (Yayımlanma - 11 Şubat 2002)