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Zaman Albüm Sanatçı
2 Remember S.E.S.
Angel's Knock AOA
Unchanging Shinhwa
3 Winter Akdong Musician
4 Time's Up Top Secret
From. WJSN Cosmic Girls
Prelude April
6 NCT #127 Limitless NCT 127
Romance Vromance
Make Some Noise MAS
9 I Think I Love U Sonamoo
11 Mystery of Venus Hello Venus
Romantic Show Eve
12 77-1X3-00 Jun.K (2PM)
I Dream I
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo OST Various
13 Nightmare Dream Catcher
16 YeoJin Yeojin (Loona)
Love Affair Niel (Teen Top)
17 Crystyle CLC
Don't Say No Seohyun (Girls' Generation)
18 Notebook Park Kyung (Block B)
Dr. Romantic OST Various
19 Sira Kang Si-ra
20 Legend of the Blue Sea OST Various
Stardust Kevin Oh
23 Season of Suffering San E
24 Yes? No? Suzy (miss A)
25 Guardian: The Lonely and Great God OST Various
Night Light OST Various
31 Love Letter Huh Gak


Zaman Albüm Sanatçı
1 OO Zion.T
Rookie Red Velvet
2 Universe Yoo Jae-hwan, Dongwoon (Highlight)
6 Burning Sensation SF9
7 The First Person Jung Joon-young
8 Mirror Cross Gene
9 The First NCT Dream
13 You Never Walk Alone BTS
B.I.G Rebirth B.I.G
14 Stardom Bigflo
15 Kiss on the Lips Melody Day
17 Limbo Dean
20 Twicecoaster: Lane 2 Twice
21 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth OST Various
22 Winter Dream Astro
Sketchbook 100%
23 An Obvious Melo Gavy NJ
Circle's Dream Subin (Dal Shabet)
Guess I Loved You 2BiC
Trumpet Of The Cliff OST Various
26 R U Ready? Lovelyz
27 Blessed High4
Act. 2 Narcissus Gugudan
28 My Voice Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)
Muggle's Mansion Code Kunst
Blow Breeze OST Various



Zaman Albüm Sanatçı
1 High School Rapper Final Various
3 Coloring Book Oh My Girl
4 Fate Number For Winner
5 Songs For Initiation Giriboy
5 My Voice (Deluxe Edition) Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)
Fall Asleep In The Mirror Dreamcatcher
6 SM Station Season 1 Various
AM To PM 7-5-11-3 Kim Hyung-jun (SS501)
7 Good Manager OST Various
10 Eclipse EXID
High Five Teen Top
The Space Eunji (Apink)
11 Steal Your Heart Unit Black (Boys24)
13 Color TV Wassup
14 The Sun, The Moon Kisum
Strong Woman Do Bong-soon OST Various
15 Our Gap-soon OST Various
17 Miss This Kiss Laboum
Minzy Work 01. "Uno" Minzy
ViVi Vivi (Loona)
18 Spring Falling Yesung (Super Junior)
Breaking Sensation SF9
h Lee Hae-ri (Davichi)
20 Across The Universe Junggigo
Universe Reddy
21 Palette IU
23 Dumb Love Jang Han-byul
24 The Collection: Story Op. 2 Jonghyun (Shinee)
23 Hyukoh
I Wanna? Snuper
26 Saimdang, Memoir of Colors OST Various
27 Love & Evil Loona 1/3
28 The 20th Anniversary Sechs Kies
30 We Effect Various
Tunnel OST Various


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
1 199X Triple H
2 Wonder If Junhyung (Highlight)
Now, We Lovelyz
5 Your Diary Han Dong-geun
6 Are You Still Up? Jin Won
8 One Fine Day Romeo
9 Ms. Perfect OST Various
10 Play in Nature Part.1 – Spring Kim Kyu-jong (SS501)
4X2=8 Psy
12 Sister's Slam Dunk Season 2 Unnies
15 Signal Twice
Shangri-La VIXX
The Liar and His Lover OST Various
The Rebel OST Various
16 Blossom Roy Kim
Inhale ISU (MC the Max)
Best Driver Yozoh
17 Duetto Duetto
Like You Honeyst
18 Millionaire Poetry The Quiett
You're My Love The East Light
Hyperism Red Solbi
Blue Busking OST Various
22 Al1 Seventeen
New Kids: Begin iKon
23 Kim Lip Kim Lip (Loona)
Foreigner Dumbfoundead
Cactus A.C.E
Hello Hello B.I.G
Momentum MAP6
24 Goodbye For Now Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Gettin Money Moment Changmo
25 Gravity KNK
Bleached Loco
Magical Realism Be.A
27 Addiction 24K
29 Dream Part.01 Astro
Calling You Highlight
Mayday April
Bittersweet Baek A-yeon
30 Team Baby The Black Skirts
Love Is Rubber Soul


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
1 We, First Elris
2 Walkin' Suran
Chicago Typewriter OST Various
3 35 Boys 5 Concepts Produce 101 Season 2
4 Wake Up Top Secret
5 Stroke Gummy
H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun) Sik-K
7 Sunrise Day6
Over 10 Years F.T. Island
Happy Moment Cosmic Girls
Hands on Me Kim Chung-ha
8 Kwon Ji Yong G-Dragon (Big Bang)
11 Man to Man OST Various
12 Ceremony Pentagon
13 Be Ordinary Hwang Chi-yeul
14 What's My Name? T-ara
NCT #127 Cherry Bomb NCT 127
15 You & Yours Lee Seok-hoon (SG Wannabe)
16 Love Is True Jeong Jinwoon
17 Final Produce 101 Season 2
19 Muses Diary Part.2: Identity Nine Muses
Shine Forever Monsta X
22 Purple Mamamoo
26 Pink Up Apink
/// Heize
JinSoul JinSoul (Loona)
27 Stellar Into the World Stellar
90 Nam Tae-hyun (South Club)
28 Blame Nakjoon
29 Stardom UP10TION
30 Outside Crush


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
3 T-With Kim Tae-woo (g.o.d)
4 Black Lee Hyori
Give It To Me Badkiz
5 My Favorite Favorite
6 Here I Am HALO
Take Part.2 Take
9 The Red Summer Red Velvet
10 Moonlight MeloMance
Fight for My Way OST Various
11 One Day ONE
12 Television Zico (Block B)
Suspicious Partner OST Various
13 Un2verse Jessi
Orange Moon Park Bo-ram
Crush On You Voisper
My Secret Romance OST Various
14 Joue avec moi Lyn
17 We are EVE Eve
18 Fireworks Geeks
The War Exo
19 Hola Hola Kard
Do Disturb Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE)
Red The Koxx
20 Gravity, Completed KNK
The Star of Stars Snuper
Summer Episode Akdong Musician
Random Lee Jin-ah
The Emperor: Owner of the Mask OST Various
24 Boy. Off On Off
Everywhere Groovy Room
25 Turbo Splash Turbo
The Merciless OST Various
26 Myteen Go! Myteen
Six Senses The East Light
Puzzle of POP P.O.P
27 Prequel Dreamcatcher
28 Hello Shannon
Be One Buzz
Choerry Choerry (Loona)
31 Verse 2 JJ Project
the.the.the Longguo & Shihyun
Loop Raina (After School)


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
1 Parallel GFriend
2 Sixteen Samuel
The Real: N.Flying N.Flying
<i id="mwBug">On/Off</i> ONF
3 Free'sm CLC
Muses Diary Part.3: Love City Nine Muses
4 Holiday Night Girls' Generation
Pomade Drug Restaurant
Our Twenty For Winner
Shininryu Primary
Hit the Top OST Various
5 Show Me the Money 6 Episode 1 Various
7 1×1=1 (To Be One) Wanna One
8 Weme Weki Meki
9 Never End Boyfriend
My Decade Jessica Jung
10 My Sassy Girl OST Various
12 Refresh 7th BP Rania
Show Me the Money 6 Episode 2 Various
13 The Glen Check Experience Glen Check
16 White Night Taeyang
#Drive DinDin
17 We Young NCT Dream
18 Summer Go Loco Loco
19 Show Me the Money 6 Episode 3 Various
You Are Too Much OST Various
22 Gashina1 Sunmi
Freeze! Momoland
Love Generation DIA
The Bride of Habaek OST Various
23 Schxxl Out Pristin
Identity Victon
25 I've Got A Feeling S.I.S
26 Colour Sanchez
Show Me the Money 6 Episode 4 Various
28 Gol-Cha! Golden Child
Whisper VIXX LR
29 Following Hyuna
Rainbow Hwang In-sun
30 All Day Good Day Good Day
Pop Primary
31 All You Want IZ
Part.1 Ever Jeong Se-woon


Zaman Albüm Sanatçı
1 4.0 10cm
Twenty Yurisangja
2 Show Me the Money 6 Episode 5 Various
3 The Blind Star 0.5 Bewhy
4 One Gikwang (Highlight)
School 2017 OST Various
5 Serenity Shin Hye-sung (Shinhwa)
Blue B.A.P
The War: The Power of Music Exo
6 Unmix MXM
Demo 01 Pentagon
7 Circles G.Soul
8 Uncontrollably Fond OST Various
11 Canvas Junho (2PM)
13 Rainbow GFriend
Color Crush Elris
14 Love and Fall Bobby (iKon)
Attitude Yoon Hyun-sang
16 Show Me the Money 6 Special Various
17 The Blind Star Bewhy
Bob Shou Wa Rocoberry
18 Love Yourself 承 'Her' BTS
A Taxi Driver OST Various
19 The King in Love OST Various
20 Eternity April
21 Another Light Sechs Kies
Mix &amp; Match Odd Eye Circle (Loona)
Boycold Sik-K
22 A Flower Bookmark 2 IU
Starry Night '17 Crucial Star
23 Strongest Deliveryman OST Various
25 Rollin' B1A4
26 Part.1 Nonfiction K.Will
Hasta la Vista Royal Pirates
27 The Road Paul Kim
28 Red Diary Page.1 Bolbbalgan4


Zaman Albüm Sanatçı
3 The Fortress OST Various
9 The Hyena on the Keyboard Various
10 W, Here NU'EST W
7 for 7 Got7
New Generation TRCNG
11 The Girl Next Door Hash Tag
Hospital Ship OST Various
Live Up to Your Name OST Various
12 Knights of the Sun SF9
U & I, Date Varsity
Present DIA
2017 Special Photo Edition UP10TION
MEiNE Ha:tfelt
Sunshine Rainz
15 Life Jung Dong-ha
16 Celebrate Highlight
Brother Act. BtoB
Move Taemin (Shinee)
18 Fantasy JBJ
Callin' A.C.E
The Island Kid PH-1
23 We've Done Something Wonderful Epik High
Do You Know That Person Im Chang-jung
24 Remember Me 4Men
25 Kim Kyung-rok Kim Kyung-rok (V.O.S)
26 Carpe Diem IN2IT
27 No Excuses Verbal Jint
28 20th NRG
Want You to Say Playback
30 Analog Melody Monni
Twicetagram Twice
31 Ordinary Things Juniel
Max &amp; Match Odd Eye Circle (Loona)


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
1 Dream Part.02 Astro
Leaving Seoul J.Lee, Netherlands Tulip Farm
2 Anxiety Woo Won-jae
The Moment of Memory Hyeongseop X Euiwoong
3 Dear[2] Mind U
4 Bad Thief, Good Thief OST Various
5 Leaves Byul
6 Teen, Age Seventeen
Play[3] Super Junior
7 The Code Monsta X
Full Moon EXID
Montage Block B
8 Act. 3 Chococo Factory Gugudan
The Fillette Kim So-hee
9 From. VICTON Victon
Rewind Hwang Chi-yeul
13 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You) Wanna One
14 Fall in Lovelyz Lovelyz
Trace of Emotion Kim Dong-wan
15 Your Season Fly to the Sky
Cloudy Kiggen[4]
Stranger[5] Guckkasten
16 Eye Candy Samuel
Expand[6] ALi
While You Were Sleeping OST Various
17 Perfect Velvet Red Velvet
Dear Snuper
The Package OST Various
20 Temperature of Love OST Various
Confession Couple OST Various
21 You &amp; Me Kard
22 Demo 02 Pentagon
Someone to Love[7] Honeyst
23 Romance[8] Yoo Seung-woo
27 My 20's[9] Jun. K
Dream On Busters
28 Yves Yves (Loona)
Because This is My First Life OST Various
29 Emptiness in Memory[10] Naul (Brown Eyed Soul)


Zaman Albüm Sanatçılar
1 My Life 愛[11] Rain
Dramatic Standing Egg
Winter The Barberettes
4 Broken People[12] Han Dong-geun
Meloholic OST Various
6 <i id="mwC0E">Moonrise</i> Day6
The First[13] The Boyz
7 Her DPR Live
Trace of Emotion: Blue[14] Kim Dong-wan
10 Move-ing Taemin
11 Merry &amp; Happy Twice
12 This Christmas: Winter Is Coming Taeyeon
Apartment Car, the garden
13 Re:Born[15] Soyou
Ego B.A.P
The Cloud Dream of the Nine – The 2nd Dream[16] Uhm Jung-hwa
14 Prophet Microdot
15 Kim Tae Woo With Friends[17] Kim Tae-woo
The Idolmaster KR OST Various
20 Graduation Giriboy
22 Gloria Naul
23 Andante OST Various
26 Universe Exo
27 RescuE[18] Younha
28 Chuu Chuu (Loona)
29 Inside Yang Da-il




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