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'''Depression''' in [[geology]] is a [[landform]] sunken or depressed below the surrounding area. Depressions may be formed by various mechanisms, and may be referred to by a variety of technical terms.
* havza<!--
* A basin may be any large sediment filled depression. In [[tectonics]], it may refer specifically to a circular, [[syncline]]-like depression: a [[Basin (geology)|geologic basin]]; while in [[sedimentology]], it may refer to an area thickly filled with sediment: [[sedimentary basin]].<ref name="GTb">{{cite web
| url = http://www.geotech.org/survey/geotech/dictiona.html#sectB
* A [[Blowout (geology)|blowout]] is a depression created by [[Aeolian processes|wind erosion]] typically in either a [[desert]] [[sand]] or dry soil (such as a post-glacial [[loess]] environment).<ref name="GTb" />
* [[graben]]<!--A [[graben]] is a down dropped and typically linear depression or basin created by [[rifting]] in a region under tensional tectonic forces.
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