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Yeni başlık: Translation notification: Mailing lists/List info
(Yeni başlık: Translation notification: Wikimedia Highlights, May 2014)
(Yeni başlık: Translation notification: Mailing lists/List info)
Meta translation coordinators&lrm;, 07:39, 1 Temmuz 2014 (UTC)</div>
== Translation notification: Mailing lists/List info ==
<div lang="tr" class="mw-content-ltr">Hello BetelgeuSeginus,
You are receiving this notification because you signed up as a translator to Türkçe ve Azerice on Meta.
The page [[Mailing lists/List info]] is available for translation. You can translate it here:
* [ translate to Türkçe]
* [ translate to Azerice]
The priority of this page is medium.
<div lang="en" class="mw-content-ltr">We are re-designing our mailing list information pages and we would very much appreciate if you could please translate a few short phrases so that non-English speakers are able to easily sign up to our [ Mailing lists]. If you have questions about the translation notifications system, ask them [ here]. You can manage your subscription [ here].</div>
Your help is greatly appreciated. Translators like you help Meta to function
as a truly multilingual community.
Thank you!
Meta translation coordinators&lrm;, 00:09, 19 Ağustos 2014 (UTC)</div>