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| conventional_long_name = United Arab Republic
| common_name = United Arab Republic
| continent = AfricaAfrika
| continent2 = AsiaAsya
| region = the Middle East
| dini = [[Seküler devlet|Seküler]] (1958–1962)<ref>{{Cite book |last1=Baer |first1=Gabriel |title=Population and Society in the Arab East |url=http://books.google.com/books?id=fdXq5fyxnwUC&pg=PA75 |edition=Reprinted |series=Volume 11 of The International Library of Sociology: The Sociology of Development |year=2003 |origyear=First published 1964 |publisher=Routledge |isbn=9780415175784 |page=75 |quote=According to the temporary constitution of the U.A.R. of March 1958, the provisions concerning a state religion or the president's religion were repealed, to be reintroduced into the National Charter of the U.A.R. (Egypt) in May 1962.}}</ref><br />[[İslam]] (1962–1971)
| date_post = 1971
| image_flag = Flag of United Arab Republic.svg
| flag = FlagMısır of Egyptbayrağı
| image_coat = Coat of arms of United Arab Republic (Syria 1958-61, Egypt 1958-1971).svg
| symbol = CoatMısır of arms of Egyptarması
| image_map = United Arab Republic (orthographic projection).svg
| national_motto =