Construction Time Again

(The Landscape is Changing sayfasından yönlendirildi)

Construction Time Again, Depeche Mode'un üçüncü stüdyo albümü. 22 Ağustos 1983'te Mute Records etiketiyle yayımlandı.

Construction Time Again
Depeche Mode stüdyo albümü
Yayımlanma22 Ağustos 1983 (1983-08-22)
TarzSynthpop, new wave, industrial, dance-rock, alternative dance, alternative rock, post-punk, industrial, pop rock, soft rock
YapımcıDepeche Mode, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones
Depeche Mode kronolojisi
A Broken Frame
Construction Time Again
Some Great Reward

Şarkı listesi değiştir

All tracks was written by Martin Gore (Two Minute Warning and The Landscape is Changing was written by Alan Wilder).
1. Love, in Itself - 4:30
2. More Than a Party - 4:44
3. Pipeline - 5:54
4. Everything Counts - 4:19
5. Two Minute Warning (written by Wilder) - 4:13
6. Shame - 3:50
7. The Landscape is Changing (written by Wilder) - 4:47
8. Told You So - 4:24
9. And Then... - 4:34
10. Everything Counts (Reprise) - 1:05 (Ghost Track)

Bonus şarkılar değiştir

This track was released in Amerika Birleşik Devletleri edition of album.
11. Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts) - 7:23

İlgili çalışmalar değiştir

1. This album is the first album recorded with Alan Wilder.
2. In tracks Love, in Itself and And Then..., Martin Gore used acoustic guitar.
3. In tracks Love, in Itself, More Than a Party and And Then... Alan Wilder used piano.
4. Track Told You So was released as a single in İspanya and in Polonya.
5. And Then... is the first pop rock song by Depeche Mode, when acoustic guitar occur more frequently than in the Love, in Itself.
6. In track More Than a Party dominated piano (Alan Wilder) and keyboards (Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher, David Gahan). Faster tempo before the end of song give the dance climat to the song.
7. Love, in Itself.1 is the album version of track, Love, in Itself.2 is the 7" single version of track, Love, in Itself.3 is the 12" single version of track and the Love, in Itself.4 is the studio session of the track.

Müzisyenler değiştir

1. David Gahan - lead vocals (without "Pipeline" and "Everything Counts (Reprise)"), flute ("Everything Counts", "Shame"), trumpet ("Told You So"), keyboard ("More Than a Party", "Told You So", "And Then..."), sampler ("Two Minute Warning", "Told You So", "And Then..."), producer
2. Martin Gore - keyboard (without "And Then..." and "Everything Counts (Reprise)"), drum machine ("Love, in Itself", "More Than a Party", "Everything Counts", "Shame"), acoustic guitar ("Love, in Itself", "And Then..."), backing vocals ("Love, in Itself", "More Than a Party", "Everything Counts", "Shame", "And Then..."), producer, lead vocals ("Pipeline", "Everything Counts (Reprise)")
3. Alan Wilder - keyboard (without "Love, in Itself", "More Than a Party", "Pipeline", "Everything Counts", "And Then..."), piano ("Love, in Itself", "More Than a Party", "And Then..."), backing vocals (without "Told You So"), drums (all tracks), producer, xylophone ("Everything Counts")
4. Andy Fletcher - keyboard (all tracks), backing vocals (without "The Landscape is Changing"), producer

Tekliler değiştir

1. Everything Counts (Yayımlanma - 11 Haziran 1983)
2. Love, in Itself (Yayımlanma - 19 Eylül 1983)
3. Told You So (Yayımlanma - 1984) (promotional single in İspanya and Polonya)