Stripped (şarkı)

"Stripped", Depeche Mode'in ikinci stüdyo albümü Black Celebration'tan bir şarkı.

Black Celebration albümünden
Depeche Mode single
Yayımlanma 10 Şubat 1986 (1986-02-10)
Format 7", 12", CD
Kaydedilme 1985-1986
Tarz Elektropop, New wave, Darkwave, Industrial, Post-punk
Süre 3:46 (7"/single version)
4:14 (album version)
6:41 (12" version)
Şirket Mute, Sire
Yazar Martin Gore
Yapımcı Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones
Depeche Mode single kronolojisi
"It's Called a Heart"
"A Question of Lust"

Şarkı listesiDüzenle

1. Stripped - 3:46
2. But Not Tonight - 4:28
3. Stripped (Highland Mix) - 6:41
4. But Not Tonight (Extended Mix) - 5:14
5. Breathing in Fumes - 6:04
6. Fly on the Windscreen (Quiet Mix) - 4:25
7. Black Day - 2:35


In the video David Gahan used own Porsche to remember the moment, when he ignites the engine of his car on this track. After the first chorus members of the band - David Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Alan Wilder hammers banging on the car David Gahan. In the time of second chorus, Alan Wilder sets fire to David Gahan's TV. In the time of third chorus, David Gahan (alternating with Alan Wilder, Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore) singing on the screens (which hold Andrew Fletcher and Alan Wilder). Video was making to the 7" single version.

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1. David Gahan - lead vocals, sounds of his Porsche's engine, drum machine
2. Martin Gore - acoustic guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
3. Andrew Fletcher - keyboard, drum machine, backing vocals
4. Alan Wilder - drums, keyboard, backing vocals