Çeviri yaparak elbette katkıda bulunabilirsin. Yabancı dil bilen Vikipedistlerin kurduğu Vikipedi Çeviri Grubu'na da ismini ekleyebilirsin. Tekrar hoşgeldin, iyi çalışmalar :-) --Pinar 07:34, 11 Ocak 2007 (UTC)


Dont remove Kürtçe name. Kars 04:34, 22 Ocak 2007 (UTC)

Because İ prefer it. Anyways, plz see this: [1]: "Kars is the capital of Kars province in Eastern Turkey. Kars is the center of Azeri culture in Turket and it also has a significant Kurdish population. Early in the 19th century there was a large Armenian population who moved into the Caucasus when the Christian Russians took control. It was roughly in the period from 1870 to WWI that many Moslem Azeri moved into the Kars area." Kars 04:03, 25 Ocak 2007 (UTC)
"I will take your word and won't make any revert"... What happened? Kars 06:35, 2 Şubat 2007 (UTC)
How do you want me to prove it? Why does that matter if I provided a source? Kars 09:20, 11 Şubat 2007 (UTC)
Don't hate. People can contribute in any way they want. I don't have to write articles if I don't want to. Is it the özgür ansiklopedi or not? Kars 05:44, 17 Şubat 2007 (UTC)
Who was banned? Kars 01:06, 21 Şubat 2007 (UTC)
Ok, I'll try my best. Kars 01:40, 21 Şubat 2007 (UTC)