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  • Attention: Please do not subst this template.

Simply add the tag {{Correct title|Correct Title}} at the top of a page (and optionally, at the top of its talk page).


For issues with the (#) sign, pass the |reason=# parameter:

{{Correct title|C# (programming language)|neden=#}}

Şablon:Correct title

For issues with any of (< > [ ] { }), pass the |reason=bracket parameter:

{{Correct title|Benzo[a]pyrene|neden=ayraç}}

Şablon:Correct title

For issues with :, pass the |reason=: parameter:

{{Correct title|DK: King of Swing|neden=:}}

Şablon:Correct title

The template can also be used without a reason, when produces: Şablon:Correct title

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