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{{Belçika bölge bilgi kutusu
|ad = Brüksel Başkent Bölgesi<br />''Région de Bruxelles-Capitale'' {{fr icon}}<br />''Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest'' {{nl icon}}
|bayrak = Belgium brussels iris.svg
|dil = [[Fransızca]], [[Felemenkçe]]
|başkent = [[Brüksel]]
|yüzölçümü = {{km2 to mi2|161.4|abbr=yes}}
|web = [http://www.brussel.irisnet.be www.brussel.irisnet.be] ([[Felemenkçe]]), [http://www.bruxelles.irisnet.be www.bruxelles.irisnet.be] ([[Fransızca]])
|tipnüfus1 = Toplam
|nüfus = 1.073.252
|tarihnüfus = 1 Ocak 2006
|yoğunluk = 6.650
|ministerpresident = [[Charles Picqué]]
|marş =
|kutlamagünü =
|konum = BelgiumBrussels.png
|bölüm = Région-de-Bruxelles-Capitale.png
|legend = Belçika'daki Brüksel Başkent Bölgesi'nin konumu
{{Diğer anlamı|Brüksel (anlam ayrım)}}
'''Brüksel-Başkent Bölgesi''' (resmî adı: [[Fransızca]]: '''Région de Bruxelles-Capitale''', [[Felemenkçe]]: '''Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest''', [[Almanca]]: '''Region Brüssel-Hauptstadt''') veya kısaca '''Brüksel Bölgesi''' ([[Fransızca]]: ''Région Bruxelloise'', [[Felemenkçe]]: ''Brussels Gewest'', [[Almanca]]: ''Brüsseler Region'') [[Belçika]]'nın üç bölgesinden biridir
=== Belediyeler ===
[[Dosya:Région-de-Bruxelles-Capitale.png|thumb|250px|Brüksel Başkent Bölgesinin belediyeleri]]
Brüksel bölgesinde 19 belediye bulunur:
# '''[[Brüksel]]''' (Felemenkçe: Brussel-stad veya Brussel)(Fransızca: Bruxelles-ville veya Bruxelles)(<FONT COLOR=RED>*</FONT>)
# [[Anderlecht]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Anderlecht)(posta kodu B-1070)
# [[Oudergem]] (Felemenkçe: Oudergem ; Fransızca: Auderghem)(posta kodu B-1160)
# [[Berchem (Brüksel)]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Agatha-Berchem; Fransızca: Berchem-Sainte-Agathe)(posta kodu B-1082)
# [[Etterbeek]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Etterbeek)(posta kodu B-1040)
# [[Evere]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Evere)(posta kodu B-1140)
# [[Forest (Brüksel)|Forest]] (Felemenkçe: Vorst; Fransızca: Forest)(posta kodu B-1190)
# [[Ganshoren]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Ganshoren)(posta kodu B-1083)
# [[Elsene]] (Felemenkçe: Elsene; Fransızca: Ixelles)(posta kodu B-1050)
# [[Koekelberg]] (Felemenkçe: ve Fransızca: Koekelberg)(posta kodu B-1081)
# [[Jette]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Jette)(posta kodu B-1090)
# [[Molenbeek (Brüksel)|Molenbeek]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (resmî ad) veya "Molenbeek"; Fransızca: Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (resmî ad) veya "Molenbeek")(posta kodu B-1080)
# [[Sint-Gillis (Brüksel)|Saint-Gilles]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Gillis; Fransızca: Saint-Gilles)(posta kodu B-1060)
# [[Saint-Josse]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Joost-ten-Node (resmî ad) veya Sint-Joost; Fransızca: Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (resmî ad) veya Saint-Josse)(posta kodu B-1210)
# [[Schaarbeek]] (Felemenkçe: Schaarbeek; Fransızca: Schaerbeek)(posta kodu B-1030)
# [[Ukkel]] (Felemenkçe: Ukkel; Fransızca: Uccle)(posta kodu B-1180)
# [[Watermaal-Bosvoorde]] (Felemenkçe: Watermaal-Bosvoorde; Fransızca: Watermael-Boitsfort)(posta kodu B-1170)
# [[Woluwe-Saint-Lambert]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe; Fransızca: Woluwé-Saint-Lambert)(posta kodu B-1150)
# [[Woluwe-Saint-Pierre]] (Felemenkçe: Sint-Pieters-Woluwe; Fransızca: Woluwé-Saint-Pierre)(posta kodu B-1200)
* (<FONT COLOR=RED>*</FONT>) '''Eski belediyeler''' günümüzde Brüksel şehri içindedir:
** [[Laaken]] (Felemenkçe: Laken ; Fransızca: Laeken)(posta kodu B-1020)
** [[Neder-over-Heembeek]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Neder-over-Heembeek)(posta kodu B-1120)
** [[Haren (Brüksel)|Haren]] (Felemenkçe ve Fransızca: Haren)(posta kodu B-1130)
The Brussels-Capital Region is divided into 19 [[Municipalities in Belgium|municipalities]], of which the [[City of Brussels]] is the largest and most populous. See the [[list of municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region]].
<!-- something about the powers of the municipalities -->
== Demografi ==
On [[January 1]], [[2005]], the region had a population of 1,006,749 for 161.382 [[square kilometre|km²]] which gives a [[population density]] of 6,238.29 inhabitants per km².
!colspan="3"|Population by national origin at the [[1st March]] [[1991]]<br><small> (last census ever organized in Belgium)</small>
| Belgians born in Belgium (and Belgian-born) || align="right" | 607,446 || align="right" | 63.7%
| Belgians born abroad (and Belgian-born) <br>including:<br> ''Congo, Rwanda and Burundi (former Belgian overseas territories)''|| align="right" | 21,028 <br><br> ''8,116''|| align="right" | 2,2% <br> ''(100%) <br> 38.6%''
| Naturalized migrants (not born in Belgium, not Belgian-born) <br> including: <br> ''France <br> Morocco'' || align="right" | 36,938 <br><br> ''6,348 <br> 3,022'' || align="right" | 3.9% <br> ''(100%) <br> 17.2% <br> 8.2%''
| Naturalized 1st and 2nd generations (born in Belgium, not Belgian-born) <br> including: ''<br> France <br> Morocco'' || align="right" | 17,045 <br><br>'' 2,757 <br> 2,522'' || align="right" | 1.8% <br> ''(100%) <br> 16.2% <br> 14.8%''
| Non-naturalized 1st and 2nd generations <br> including: <br> ''Morocco'' || align="right" | 87,987 <br><br> ''37,300'' || align="right" | 9.2% <br> ''(100%) <br> 42.4%''
| Old migrants <br>(born abroad, foreign nationals, living in Belgium in 1986) <br> including: <br> ''Morocco <br> Italy'' || align="right" | 123,411 <br><br><br> ''35,138 <br> 16,027'' || align="right" | 12.9% <br><br> ''(100%) <br> 28.5% <br> 13%''
| Recent migrants <br>(born abroad, foreign nationals, arrived in Belgium after 1986) <br> including: <br> ''France <br> Morocco'' || align="right" | 60,185 <br><br><br>'' 8,513 <br> 4,970'' || align="right" | 6.3% <br><br> ''(100%) <br> 14.1% <br> 8.3%''
| Total Brussels-Capital Region || align="right" | 954,040 || align="right" | 100%
<small>source of data in the above table: T. Eggerickx et al., ''De allochtone bevolking in België'', Algemene Volks- en Woningtelling op 1 maart 1991, Monografie nr. 3, 1999, Nationaal Instituut voor de Statistiek</small>
At the last Belgian census in 1991, there were 63.7% inhabitants in Brussels-Capital Region who answered they were Belgian citizens, born as such in Belgium. However, there have been numerous individual or familial migrations towards Brussels since the end of the XVIIIth century, including political refugees ([[Karl Marx]], [[Victor Hugo]], [[Pierre-Joseph Proudhon|Pierre Joseph Proudhon]], [[Léon Daudet]] e.g.) from neighbouring or more distanced countries as well as labour migrants, former foreign students or expatriots, and many Belgian families in Brussels can tell at least a foreign grandparent. And even among the Belgians, many became Belgian only recently.
The original Dutch dialect of Brussels (''Brussels'') is a form of [[Brabantic]] (the variant of Dutch spoken in the ancient [[Duchy of Brabant]]) with a significant number of loanwords from French, and still survives among a minority of inhabitants called ''Brusseleers'', many of them quite bi- and multilingual, or educated in French and not writing the Dutch language. Brussels and its suburbs evolved from a Dutch-dialect speaking town to a mainly French speaking town. The ethnic and national self-identification of the inhabitants is quite different along ethnic lines. For their French-speaking ''Bruxellois'', it can vary from Belgian, Francophone Belgian, ''Bruxellois'' (like the ''Memeller'' in interwar ethnic censuses in [[Klaipėda|Memel]]), [[Walloon]] (for people who migrated from the Wallonia Region at an adult age); for immigrants from Flanders it is mainly either Flemish or ''Brusselaar'' (Dutch for an inhabitant); for the ''Brusseleers'', most of them simply consider themselves as belonging to Brussels. For the many rather recent migrants from other countries, the identification also includes all the national origins: people tend to call themselves Moroccans or Turks rather than an American-style hyphenated version.
Both immigration and its status as head of the European Commission made Brussels a really cosmopolitan city. The migrant communities, as well as rapidly growing communities of EU-nationals from other EU-member states, speak [[Moroccan Arabic|Moroccan dialectal Arabic]], [[French language|French]], [[Turkish language|Turkish]], [[Spanish language|Spanish]] (most Spaniards came from the [[Asturias]], a minority from [[Andalusia]] and some from [[Catalonia]] and the [[Basque Country (autonomous community)|Basque country]]), [[Italian language|Italian]], [[Polish language|Polish]], [[Berber languages|Rif Berber]], [[English language|English]] and other languages, including those of every EU-member state in the expat communities. The degree of linguistic integration varies widely within each migrant group.
Among all major migrants groups from outside the [[EU]], a majority of the permanent residents have acquired the Belgian nationality.
Although historically (since the [[Catholic Reformation|Counter-Reformation]] persecution and expulsion of Protestants by the Spaniards in the XVIthe century) [[Roman Catholicism|Roman Catholic]], most people in Brussels are non-practising. About 10% of the population regularly attends church services. Among the religions, historically dominant [[Roman Catholicism]] prevailing mostly in a relaxed way, one finds large minorities of [[Muslims]], [[Atheism|atheists]], [[Agnosticism|agnosticists]], and of the philosophical school of [[humanism]], the latter mainly as ''vrijzinnig-laïcité'' (an approximate translation would be secularists or ''free thinkers'') or practicing [[Humanism (life stance)|Humanism]] as a [[life-stance]] — Brussels houses several key organisations for both kinds. Other (recognized) religions ([[Protestantism]], [[Anglicanism]], [[Orthodoxy]] and [[Judaism]]) are practised by much smaller groups in Brussels. Recognized religions and ''[[Laïcité]]'' enjoy public funding and school courses: every pupil in an official school from 6 years old to 18 must choose 2 hours per week of compulsory religion- or ''Laïcité''-inspired morals.
== Referanslar ==
== Ayrıca bakınız ==
* [[Brüksel (şehir)]]
== Dış bağlantarı ==
* [http://www.brussels.irisnet.be/ Brussels-Capital Region official web site]
* [http://www.abe.irisnet.be/ The Brussels Enterprise Agency]
* [http://www.ilotsacre.be/site/regionbruxelles-brusselsgewest.htm Interactive map of the Brussels-Capital Region]
* [http://www.500.be Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brussels] (French: ''Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bruxelles'' or ''CCIB'', Dutch: ''Kamer voor Handel en Nijverheid van Brussel'' or ''KHNB'')
* [http://www.bruessel-gui.de/bruessel/bildergalerien.html bruessel-gui.de - Images: Brussels & Belgium]
* [http://www.hospitals.be/ Hospitals in Brussels]
* [http://popups.ulg.ac.be/Geol/docannexe.php?id=1435 Detailed topographical description of the Brussels region] Geologica Belgica (2005)
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