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===Berlin töreni===
[[ImageDosya:Zhukov reads capitulation act.jpg|right|thumb|[[Marshal of the Soviet Union|Marshal]] [[Georgy Zhukov]] reading the German capitulation in [[Berlin]]. Seated on his right is [[Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder|Arthur Tedder]], [[Marshal of the Royal Air Force]].]]
[[ImageDosya:Wilhelm Keitel Kapitulation.jpg|right|thumb|[[Field Marshal]] [[Wilhelm Keitel]] signing the ratified surrender terms for the German military in Berlin.]]
A second Act of Military Surrender was signed shortly after midnight Central European time on May 8<ref>Earl F. Ziemke [[#References|References]] [ CHAPTER XV:The Victory Sealed] Page 258 last paragraph</ref> at the seat of the Soviet Military Administration in [[Berlin]]-[[Karlshorst]], now the location of the [[German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst]]. [].