"The WB" sayfasının sürümleri arasındaki fark

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| country = [[United States]]
| type = Online Network (2008-bugün) <br> Defunct [[Terrestrial television|broadcast]] [[television network]] (1995-2006)
| available = [[United StatesABD]], [[CanadaKanada]], [[India]], Northern [[Mexico]]
| successor = [[The CW Television Network|The CW]] (in joint venture with [[CBS]])
| owner = [[Time Warner]]<ref>Sources vary as to the exact composition of The WB's ownership. According to at least one source, as of 2001, the ownership was split among Time Warner (64%), [[Tribune Company]] (25%), and [[Jamie Kellner]]'s firm [[ACME Communications]] (11%). Published reports in early 2006, dealing with the launch of The CW, suggested Tribune was at the time the only minority shareholder, with just 22.5% (giving Time Warner 77.5%), which it would be relinquishing [http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory?id=1536479]{{Dead link|date=February 2009}} in order to avoid shutdown costs for The WB [http://www.tribune.com/investors/transcripts/thecw_06.html].</ref>
| key_people = Susanne Daniels,[[President]], Jordan Levin, [[President]], David Janollari, [[President]]
| launch = 11 Ocak 1995 (Television) <br/> 28 Nisan 2008 ([http://www.thewb.com Online])