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* As Wikipedia editors, OTRS volunteers are subject to review by the [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee|Arbitration Committee]] through the normal processes of [[Wikipedia:Dispute resolution|dispute resolution]].
==Quick facts about OTRS==
*OTRS is a cross-wiki project spanning many languages.
*The contents of e-mails handled by OTRS members are [[wmf:Privacy policy|confidential]].
*For more information about OTRS, please see [[m:OTRS|our page on Meta]], and for more information about how OTRS handles e-mail relating to the English Wikipedia, please see [[m:Info-en mission|info-en mission]].
:''The following are based on database dumps for emails received between March 4 and July 2, 2008. The next scheduled update is for early October. The statistics have been rounded to the nearest 5% to reflect the routine fluctuations over the three-month time period.''
*Approximately 60% of all mail that OTRS members handle is written in the [[English language]].
*Approximately 30% of all mail that OTRS members handle is in the "info-en" (ie. English Wikipedia-related) queues; this equates to around half of the English language mail.
*Approximately 15% of all mail that OTRS members handle is [[Wikipedia:Requesting copyright permission|Permissions]]-related.
*There are currently around 380 valid accounts in the OTRS system, of whom around half have access to the info-en queue to some degree.
==OTRS ile iletişim==