"ATC" sayfasının sürümleri arasındaki fark

* [[Advanced transportation controller]], a standardization effort as part of the United States Department of Transportation's Intelligent transportation system-->
* [[Hava trafik kontrol (ATC)|Hava trafik kontrol]] - (İngilizce ATC = ''Air traffic control'')<!--, a service provided to aircraft by ground-based controllers
* [['''All-terrain vehiclecycle''' veya [[ATV (taşıt)|All-terrain cyclevehicle]], <!--an off-road motorcycle-->
* Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), also known as Automatic Climate Control, an industry name for automatic Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning ([[HVAC]]) systems for automobiles
* Automatic [[Traction control system]], also known as Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), are systems designed to prevent loss of traction of a vehicle's driven road wheels