AAM: Revizyonlar arasındaki fark

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[kontrol edilmemiş revizyon][kontrol edilmemiş revizyon]
(AAM sayfasının yeni adı: AAM (füze))
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#REDIRECT [[AAM (füze)]]
'''AAM''' <!--is a [[three-letter acronym]] that may refer to-->:
* [[AAM (füze)|Air-to-air missile]], bir füze türü<!--a guided missile fired from an aircraft for the purpose of destroying another aircraft-->
* [[American Association of Museums]], an organization for museum professionals
* [[American Axle & Manufacturing]], a Tier 1 automotive supplier of driveline and chassis components
* [[Anti-Apartheid Movement]]
* [[Achievement Medal|Army Achievement Medal]], a decoration of the US Army-->
* ASCII Adjust after Multiplication: see [[Intel BCD opcodes#Multiplication]]-->
<!--* [[Active Appearance Model]], a method for image detection, using statistical models
* [[Automatic Acoustic Management]], a technology to reduce hard drive seek noise-->
* <!--IATA airport code for-->Güney Afrika Cumhuriyeti'nde Mala Mala'da [[Mala Mala Airport]]
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