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[[Image:T28 7.jpg|thumb|left|Production of the T-28]]
-T-28 tankı İngilizlerin [[Vickers A1E1 Independent]] tankı ile benzerdir.Birinci ve ikinci dünya savaşları arasında yapılmış olan orta derece zırhlı bir tanktır.1926'da prototipi üretilmiştir.[[Leningrad]]'daki [[Kirov Fabrikası]]'nda üretilmiştir.11 Ağustos [[1933]]'te üretilmiştir.[[Vickers A1E1 Independent]] tankıda 1932'de üretilmiştir.T-28 76.2 mm'lik silahı ve 7.62 mm'lik iki küçük silahı ile orta derece zırhlı üretilmiştir.[[1933]] ile [[1941]] arasındaki süreçte 503 T-28 üretilmiştir.
The T-28 was in many ways similar to the British [[Vickers A1E1 Independent]] tank. This tank greatly influenced tank design in the period between the wars, although only one prototype was manufactured in 1926. The Kirov Factory in [[Leningrad]] began manufacturing a tank, which was based on the British Independent in 1932. The T-28 tank was officially approved on August 11, 1933. The T-28 had one large turret with a 76.2mm gun and two smaller turrets with 7.62mm machine guns. A total of 503 T-28 tanks were manufactured over a period of 8 years from [[1933]] to [[1941]].
The type would not have that much success in combat, but it played an important role as a development project for the Soviet designers. A series of new ideas and solutions were tried out on the T-28 and were later incorporated in future models.
== Combat history ==