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'''Pan''' can have many meanings as listed below in various categories.
'''''Pan-''''' as a [[prefix]] is derived from the [[Greek language|Greek]] παν which means 'of everything', 'all' or 'involving all members' of a group.
* An honorary title referenced to the nobles now pan-Polonized to all in Poland and customary in everyday Polish communication. Come in specific forms as: ''Pani, Panna, Pan, (Panicz), Państwo ''. Similar in semantic and phonology to ''Pan'' are words ''[[ban (title)|Ban]], Van, Von''.
* Pan, is also a Ukrainian and Czech [[honorific]], roughly equivalent to "Lord", "Sir" or "Mr.".
The legendary [[wódz]] of the Poles was Lech, son of a king of the [[Panons]].
:See also [[Polish name]].
==Cooking, food and drink==
* Pan, a type of [[cookware and bakeware]], especially a [[frying pan]]
* Pan, [[bread]] in Spanish and Japanese (from the latin word "panis")
* [[Paan|Pan]], a popular Indian snack
* [[Pan pivo]], a Croatian lager beer
*''See also: [[Pan-bagnat]], [[pancake]]''
* Pan, short for [[steelpan]], an acoustic instrument
* ''[[Pan (The Blue Hearts)]]'', an album by the [[Japan]]ese band [[The Blue Hearts]]
* Pan, a Filipino rock band; see [[Yano#History|Yano]]
* ''Pan'', an opera by [[Carl Venth]]
* [[pan pipes]], a musical instrument
* [[Panning (audio)]], placement of a sound source in a stereo field
* Pans Motive, A progressive indie rock band.
*[[Pan's People]], a British dance troupe on [[Top of the pops]]
* '''PAN''' is an abbreviation of [[Polish Academy of Science]]
* ''[[Chimpanzee|Pan]]'', a genus of apes composed of the Common Chimpanzee and the Bonobo
* [[Pan (geology)]], a shallow depression holding a [[playa]], [[salt lake]] or related feature
* [[4450 Pan]], an asteroid
* [[Pan crater]], on Jupiter's moon Amalthea
* [[Pan (moon)]], a moon of Saturn
* Pan was an informal name for the moon Jupiter XI (now [[Carme (moon)|Carme]]) from 1955 to 1975
==Electronics and photography==
* [[Panning (camera)]], a movement of a film or video camera (rotating on a vertical axis)
* [[Pan and scan]], technique for reproducing wide-screen films on narrow TV screens.
* [[Panning (antenna systems)]], in [[antenna (electronics)|antenna]] systems, successively changing the azimuth of a beam of radio-frequency energy over the elements of a given horizontal region.
* [[Panning (audio)]], the spread of a monaural signal in a stereo or multi-channel sound field.
* [[Panchromatic]] black-and-white film.
==Din ve mitoloji==
* Pan-, meaning "all" is incorporated into several religious systems:
* [[Pan (mitoloji)]], <!--the god of nature in Greek mythology
** [[Panflute]]
* [[Peter Pan]], <!--a character in a novel by James Barrie
* [[Pan (Dragon Ball)]], a fictional character from the anime, ''Dragon Ball Z''
* [[Pan (novel)|''Pan'' (novel)]], by Knut Hamsun
* [[Pan (magazine)|''Pan'']] an arts and literary review (magazine)
* [[Pan Books]], a publishing imprint of Macmillan Publishers
* ''[[Pan's Labyrinth]], a film by Guillermo Del Toro
* [[Pan (film)|''Pan'' (film)]], a 1922 Norwegian film
* [[Pan(game)]], a [[Jackie Chan]] originated game, very popular in most of his movies, not very popular in Romania
The acronym '''PAN''' can refer to:
* The [[ISO 639-3]] code for the [[Punjabi language]].
* [[Personal area network]], a computer network used close to one person
* [[PAN Parks|Protected Area Network]], a network of national parks in the remaining wilderness areas of Europe
* [[Permanent account number]], India's national identification number for taxpayers
* Primary Account Number, another name for a [[Credit card#Credit card numbering|credit card]] number
* [[Polyacrylonitrile]], polymer
* [[1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-naphthol]], a chemical indicator often used for determining manganese.
* [[Peroxyacyl nitrates]], irritants found in smog
* [[Polyarteritis nodosa]], a vasculitic condition
* Protect Arizona Now, a political committee behind [[Arizona Proposition 200 (2004)#Protect Arizona Now|Arizona Proposition 200 (2004)]]
* [[Planning Advice Note]], Town Planning guidance, Produced By the Scottish Executive used in conjunction with the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act.
* Panama's official [[ISO 3166-1 alpha-3]] abbreviation
* The [[Polish Academy of Sciences]] (Polish: ''Polska Akademia Nauk'', abbreviated ''PAN'')
* [[Presbyterians Aiding Nicaraguans]]
* [[Proto-Austronesian language]]
* [[Public Address Network]], a new media collective with a daily vlog].
* [[Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenon]] in French i.e. Phénomène aérospatial non identifié.
==Siyasi partiler==
* [[National Action Party (El Salvador)]] (''Partido Acción Nacional'') of El Salvador
* [[National Action Party (Mexico)]] (''Partido Acción Nacional'') of Mexico
* [[National Advancement Party]] (''Partido de Avanzada Nacional'') of Guatemala
* [[National Mandate Party]] (''Partai Amanat Nasional'') of Indonesia
* [[Party of the Nation's Retirees]] (''Partido dos Aposentados da Nação'') of Brazil
* [[Pan (newsreader)]], newsreader software for Usenet
* [[Pan, Greece]], a village in north-west Arcadia
* [[Pan Club Copenhagen]], Club in Copenhagen for homosexual people
* [[Pan (surname)]], Chinese family name (潘 or 盤)
* Pan, WC [[bowl]].
* [[The PAN]], a daily [[vlog]]
* Pan, also spelled [[Paan]], a North Indian term for [[Betel]], often mixed with tobacco and Lime for chewing
* [[Pan-pan]], a radio distress call
* Panning for gold, a simple [[placer mining]] technique
* to pan; to criticize or harshly review something, especially movies and television
* [[Panguingue|Pan or Panguingue]], a gambling card game
* [[IT Pan|Desktop Panning]], To set the background of someone to Peter Pan if they leave their computer unlocked.
* [[Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico]] (''Programa de Asistencia Nutricional''), a United States Federal assistance program for nutritional needs of impoverished families in Puerto Rico.
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