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'''Omaha'''<!--may refer to->:
*[[Omaha (şehir)]]
* [[Omaha (kabile)]]
<!--[[Omaha (tribe)]], a Native American tribe that currently resides in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Nebraska, and the direct or indirect source of all other things named "Omaha"-->
==Yerleşim yerleri==
* [[Omaha (şehir)]]:
* [[Omaha, Nebraska]], <!--the largest city named "Omaha"-->
* [[Omaha, Arkansas]]
* [[Omaha, Georgia]]
* [[Omaha, Illinois]]
* [[Omaha, Texas]]
===Yeni Zelanda===
* [[Omaha, Yeni Zelanda]], <!--north of Auckland-->
* [[Omaha Flats]], <!--a locality in the Rodney District of New Zealand-->
* [[Omaha Beach]], <!--the Allied code name for one of the June 6, 1944, Battle of Normandy landing sites-->
* "Omaha", a [[Counting Crows]] song that was covered by [[Nickel Creek]]
* "Omaha", a song by the indie rock band [[Tapes 'n Tapes]]
* "Omaha", a song by Moby Grape from their 1967 album ''[[Moby Grape (album)|Moby Grape]]''
==Oyun ve sporlar==
* [[Omaha hold 'em]], a community-card poker variant
* [[Omaha (horse)]], winner of the U.S. Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in 1935
* The [[College World Series]], sometimes called "Omaha" due to its location.
==US Navy gemileri==
* [[USS Omaha (1869)]]<!--The first [[USS Omaha (1869)]], an Algoma class sloop, served in the last decades of the 19th century-->
* [[USS Omaha (CL-4)]]<!--The second [[USS Omaha (CL-4)]], the lead ship of the ''Omaha''-class of light cruiser, served during World War II-->
* [[USS Omaha (SSN-692)]]<!--The third [[USS Omaha (SSN-692)]], a ''Los Angeles''-class submarine, served during the last years of the Cold War-->
* ''[[Omaha the Cat Dancer]]'', a graphic novel
* [[Omaha Steaks]], a U.S. meat retailer
* [[Omaha kinship]], a patrilineal kinship system
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