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===Team ownership and NBA affiliations===
Ownership models vary across the NBA G League. Growing willingness among NBA organizations to invest in the G League has led to two main models: direct ownership of G League teams by parent NBA clubs and single-affiliate partnerships in which the G League team remains independently owned while the parent club runs and finances basketball operations.
Parent club direct ownership began in 2006 when the [[Los Angeles Lakers]] bought their own NBA D-League franchise, originally known as the Los Angeles D-Fenders and since 2017–18 as the [[South Bay Lakers]]. This was followed by the [[San Antonio Spurs]] purchasing the [[Austin Spurs|Austin Toros]] (now the Austin Spurs) in 2007, and the [[Oklahoma City Thunder]] purchasing the [[Oklahoma City Blue|Tulsa 66ers]] (now the Oklahoma City Blue) in 2008. This led to more NBA teams to either purchase existing franchises or create expansion teams in order to have their own single-affiliation teams. In 2011, the Cleveland Cavaliers purchased the [[New Mexico Thunderbirds]] to become the Canton Charge and the [[Golden State Warriors]] purchased the [[Dakota Wizards]], with the Warriors moving the Wizards a year later to become the [[Santa Cruz Warriors]]. In 2013, the [[Philadelphia 76ers]] purchased the inactive [[Utah Flash]] and moved them to [[Newark, Delaware]] as the [[Delaware Blue Coats|Delaware 87ers]] (now the Delaware Blue Coats, and playing in that state's largest city of [[Wilmington, Delaware|Wilmington]]). In 2014, the [[New York Knicks]] became the seventh team to fully own and operate their own NBA D-League affiliate in the [[Westchester Knicks]].<ref>{{Web kaynağı|başlık=NBA D-League Expands to 18 as Knicks Purchase Team|url=http://www.nba.com/dleague/newyork/DLeague_Release_140310.html|iş=NBA.com|tarih=10 Mart 2014|erişimtarihi=10 Mart 2014|arşivurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20140314080127/http://www.nba.com/dleague/newyork/DLeague_Release_140310.html|arşivtarihi=14 Mart 2014|ölüurl=evet}}</ref> In 2015, the [[Toronto Raptors]] created their own expansion franchise, the [[Raptors 905]]. In 2017, the Timberwolves purchased the [[Iowa Energy]] and renamed the team the [[Iowa Wolves]].<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = http://www.foxsports.com/north/story/minnesota-timberwolves-d-league-iowa-energy-finalize-purchase-050317 | başlık = Timberwolves finalize purchase of NBA D-League team Iowa Energy | yayıncı = Fox Sports | tarih = 3 Mayıs 2017 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20170713172532/http://www.foxsports.com/north/story/minnesota-timberwolves-d-league-iowa-energy-finalize-purchase-050317 | arşivtarihi = 13 Temmuz 2017}}</ref>
In 2009, the [[Houston Rockets]] and [[Rio Grande Valley Vipers]] pioneered the single-affiliate partnership, also known as the hybrid model. In November 2010, the [[Brooklyn Nets|New Jersey Nets]] and [[Springfield Armor]] announced they would enter into a single-affiliate partnership that began in 2011–12. In June 2011, the [[New York Knicks]] and [[Erie BayHawks (2008–2017)|Erie BayHawks]] announced they would be singly-affiliated. In May 2012, the [[Portland Trail Blazers]] entered into a single-affiliation partnership with the [[Idaho Stampede]]. The following month, the [[Boston Celtics]] and [[Maine Red Claws]] announced a single-affiliation partnership. In June 2013, the [[Miami Heat]] announced that they had entered into a single-affiliated partnership with the [[Sioux Falls Skyforce]]. In July 2013, the [[Sacramento Kings]] and [[Stockton Kings|Reno Bighorns]] (now the Stockton Kings) entered into a single-affiliation. The Stampede ended their affiliation with the Trail Blazers after the 2013–14 season and in June 2014 announced their affiliation with the [[Utah Jazz]]. The Armor moved to [[Grand Rapids]], [[Michigan]], after the 2013–14 season and affiliated with the [[Detroit Pistons]]. From 2014 to 2017, the [[Memphis Grizzlies]] had a single-affiliation with the [[Iowa Energy]]. In 2015, the last multiple affiliate team, the [[Fort Wayne Mad Ants]], was purchased by the [[Indiana Pacers]] making the [[2015–16 NBA Development League season|2015–16 season]] the first with all teams having single-affiliations.
In some cases, the hybrid affiliation led to the parent team buying their affiliate's franchise outright. On March 24, 2015, the Utah Jazz purchased their affiliate, the Idaho Stampede, and after one more season in Boise relocated the team to [[Salt Lake City]]. On April 11, 2016, the [[Phoenix Suns]] purchased their affiliate, the [[Bakersfield Jam]], and announced the immediate relocation of the team to [[Prescott Valley, Arizona]], as the [[Northern Arizona Suns]] beginning with the 2016–17 season.<ref name="NAZSunsBuyJam">{{Web kaynağı | url = http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/phoenix-suns-buy-bakersfield-jam-relocate-team-to-prescott-valley-arizona/n-5124126 | başlık = Phoenix Suns Buy Bakersfield Jam; Relocate Team to Prescott Valley, Arizona | yayıncı = OurSports Central | tarih = 12 Nisan 2016 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20160422191909/http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/phoenix-suns-buy-bakersfield-jam-relocate-team-to-prescott-valley-arizona/n-5124126 | arşivtarihi = 22 Nisan 2016}}</ref> On October 20, 2016, the [[Sacramento Kings]] bought the majority ownership of their affiliate of the previous eight seasons, the Reno Bighorns,<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/sacramento-kings-buy-controlling-interest-in-nba-development-leagues-reno-bighorns/n-5209914 | başlık = Sacramento Kings Buy Controlling Interest in NBA Development League's Reno Bighorns | yayıncı = OurSports Central | tarih = 20 Ekim 2016 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20161021070524/http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/sacramento-kings-buy-controlling-interest-in-nba-development-leagues-reno-bighorns/n-5209914 | arşivtarihi = 21 Ekim 2016}}</ref> and would eventually move the team to [[Stockton, California]] as the Stockton Kings after the 2017–18 G League season.<ref>{{Basın açıklaması kaynağı|url=http://gleague.nba.com/news/sacramento-kings-nba-g-league-franchise-reveals-identity-stockton-kings/ |başlık=Sacramento Kings NBA G League Franchise Reveals Identity As Stockton Kings |yayıncı=NBA G League |tarih=18 Nisan 2018 |erişimtarihi=23 Nisan 2018}}</ref> On December 14, 2016, the Magic purchased their affiliate, the Erie BayHawks, with the intention to relocate the team to [[Lakeland, Florida]], in 2017.<ref name = "MagicBuyBayHawks">{{Web kaynağı | url = http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/orlando-magic-purchase-nba-d-leagues-erie-bayhawks/n-5222118 | başlık = Orlando Magic Purchase NBA D-League's Erie BayHawks | yayıncı = OurSports Central | tarih = 14 Aralık 2016 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20161220173320/http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/orlando-magic-purchase-nba-d-leagues-erie-bayhawks/n-5222118 | arşivtarihi = 20 Aralık 2016}}</ref> In 2017, the [[Miami Heat]] purchased the controlling interest in the [[Sioux Falls Skyforce]] after being its primary affiliate since 2013. In July 2019, the [[Boston Celtics]] acquired its affiliate, [[Maine Red Claws]].
'''Parent club ownership:''' [[Agua Caliente Clippers]] (by the [[Los Angeles Clippers]]), [[Austin Spurs]] (by the [[San Antonio Spurs]]), [[Erie BayHawks (2019–)|Birmingham]] (by the [[New Orleans Pelicans]]), [[Canton Charge]] (by the [[Cleveland Cavaliers]]), [[Capital City Go-Go]] (by the [[Washington Wizards]]), [[College Park Skyhawks]] (by the [[Atlanta Hawks]]), [[Delaware Blue Coats]] (by the [[Philadelphia 76ers]]), [[Fort Wayne Mad Ants]] (by the [[Indiana Pacers]]), [[Greensboro Swarm]] (by the [[Charlotte Hornets]]), [[Iowa Wolves]] (by the [[Minnesota Timberwolves]]), [[Lakeland Magic]] (by the [[Orlando Magic]]), [[Long Island Nets]] (by the [[Brooklyn Nets]]), [[Maine Red Claws]] (by the [[Boston Celtics]]), [[Memphis Hustle]] (by the [[Memphis Grizzlies]]), [[Motor City Cruise]] (by the [[Detroit Pistons]]), [[Oklahoma City Blue]] (by the [[Oklahoma City Thunder]]), [[Raptors 905]] (by the [[Toronto Raptors]]), [[Salt Lake City Stars]] (by the [[Utah Jazz]]), [[Santa Cruz Warriors]] (by the [[Golden State Warriors]]), [[Sioux Falls Skyforce]] (with the [[Miami Heat]]), [[South Bay Lakers]] (by the [[Los Angeles Lakers]]), [[Stockton Kings]] (by the [[Sacramento Kings]]), [[Westchester Knicks]] (by the [[New York Knicks]]), the [[Windy City Bulls]] (by the [[Chicago Bulls]]), and the [[Wisconsin Herd]] (by the [[Milwaukee Bucks]]).
'''Single affiliation/hybrid model:''' [[Rio Grande Valley Vipers]] (with the [[Houston Rockets]]), and the [[Texas Legends]] (with the [[Dallas Mavericks]]).
'''NBA teams without an exclusive affiliate:''' [[Denver Nuggets]], [[Phoenix Suns]] and [[Portland Trail Blazers]].
'''G League teams without an exclusive affiliate:''' [[Grand Rapids Drive]], [[Capitanes de Ciudad de México|Mexico City Captains]]
===Future expansion teams and locations===
Expansion in the league was slow for the first years, but has rapidly increased since the movement towards single-affiliate teams has become the norm.
====Confirmed expansion and relocations====
On October 24, 2018, the Pelicans announced plans to place their G League team in [[Birmingham, Alabama]], to play in [[Legacy Arena]] located in the [[Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex]] by 2021 or 2022. As the arena needed to be renovated, the Pelicans' affiliate began play the 2019–20 season as the [[Erie BayHawks (2019–)|Erie BayHawks]] after the Atlanta Hawks' affiliate moved to College Park.<ref>{{Haber kaynağı |url=https://www.nola.com/pelicans/index.ssf/2018/10/new_orleans_pelicans_set_to_an.html |başlık=New Orleans Pelicans set to announce G-League affiliate in Birmingham |iş=[[The Times-Picayune]] |tarih=23 Ekim 2018}}</ref><ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = https://www.wvtm13.com/article/new-orleans-pelicans-expected-to-bring-nba-g-league-affiliate-to-birmingham-by-2022/24126550 | başlık = Pelicans to bring NBA G League team to Birmingham by 2022 | website = wvtm13.com | tarih = 23 Ekim 2018 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20181024232339/https://www.wvtm13.com/article/new-orleans-pelicans-expected-to-bring-nba-g-league-affiliate-to-birmingham-by-2022/24126550 | arşivtarihi = 24 Ekim 2018}}</ref> The team was confirmed to relocate for the 2021–22 season and the BayHawks ceased operations following the 2020–21 season when it could not obtain a fourth franchise and NBA partner.
On December 7, 2017, NBA commissioner [[Adam Silver]] announced that he was looking into having a G League expansion team in [[Mexico City]] potentially as early as 2018.<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/07/sports/nba-g-league-mexico-city.html | başlık = N.B.A. Plans to Put a Minor-League Team in Mexico City | iş = [[The New York Times]] | tarih = 7 Aralık 2017 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20171208003919/https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/07/sports/nba-g-league-mexico-city.html | arşivtarihi = 8 Aralık 2017}}</ref> In September 2019, Raúl Zárraga of NBA Mexico stated that the league is working on adding a team in Mexico for the 2020–21 season.<ref>[https://mx.nba.com/news/nba-arnon-de-mello-queremos-el-proximo-ano-equipo-de-g-league-en-mexico/lqzeq319d13z1l0vh39eck319 Arnon de Mello: “Queremos el próximo año equipo de G-League en México”] - Carlos Herrera Luyando, NBA México, 19 September 2019</ref> On December 12, 2019, NBA commissioner [[Adam Silver]] announced that current [[Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional]] team, [[Capitanes de Ciudad de México]] will be joining the G League in the 2020–21 season on a five-year agreement.<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = https://gleague.nba.com/news/nba-g-league-expands-to-mexico-city-in-landmark-partnership-with-capitanes/ | başlık = NBA G League Expands to Mexico City in Landmark Partnership with Capitanes | website = NBA G League | tarih = 12 Aralık 2019 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20191213152309/https://gleague.nba.com/news/nba-g-league-expands-to-mexico-city-in-landmark-partnership-with-capitanes/ | arşivtarihi = 13 Aralık 2019}}</ref> During the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, a normal 2020–21 season did not occur and the Capitanes were not mentioned as members for the G League's 2021 season.<ref name = "2021Bubble"/> They announced they still plan on joining in 2021–22.<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = http://capitanes.mx/comunicado-g-league-tempora-2020-2021/ | başlık = NBA G-LEAGUE ANUNCIA EL INICIO DE SU TEMPORADA 2021 CAPITANES DEBUTARÁ EN LA SIGUIENTE TEMPORADA(2021-2022) | website = Capitanes | tarih = 8 Ocak 2021 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20210111084232/http://capitanes.mx/comunicado-g-league-tempora-2020-2021/ | arşivtarihi = 11 Ocak 2021}}</ref> It would be the NBA's first official team in Mexico after testing the market with exhibition and regular season games in the city.<ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = https://www.sbnation.com/2017/12/7/16747368/nba-g-league-team-mexico-city-next-season | başlık = NBA will establish G-League team in Mexico City as soon as next season, per report | iş = [[SB Nation]] | tarih = 7 Aralık 2017 | arşivurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20171208055334/https://www.sbnation.com/2017/12/7/16747368/nba-g-league-team-mexico-city-next-season | arşivtarihi = 8 Aralık 2017}}</ref>
On July 29, 2020, the [[Detroit Pistons]] announced that they had purchased the [[Northern Arizona Suns]] from the [[Phoenix Suns]] and will move the team to Detroit to play in the new [[Wayne State Arena]] for the 2021–22 season as the [[Motor City Cruise]].<ref>{{Haber kaynağı |url=https://gleague.nba.com/news/detroit-pistons-purchase-northern-arizona-suns-from-phoenix-suns/ |başlık=Detroit Pistons Purchase Northern Arizona Suns From Phoenix Suns |erişimtarihi=29 Temmuz 2020}}</ref>
====Expansion candidate locations====
On October 12, 2015, it was announced that [[Omaha]] was pursuing a D-League franchise. [[Gary Green (baseball owner)|Gary Green]], the owner of the [[Omaha Storm Chasers]], said the NBA approved the idea of a franchise while also mentioning the [[Minnesota Timberwolves]] and [[Denver Nuggets]] as possible affiliates. Green said, "We've had talks with the NBA and the guys in the D-League and they absolutely want to have a team in Omaha... We have a deal with the D-League in place, we just gotta find a franchise now." The potential home for an Omaha team could be [[CHI Health Center Omaha]] (known as CenturyLink Center Omaha in 2015), [[Ralston Arena]], or [[Baxter Arena]].<ref>[http://upsidemotor.com/2015/10/12/gary-green-nba-d-league-expansion-omaha/ Report: MiLB team owner says ‘deal in place’ for D-League expansion in Omaha]</ref><ref>[http://studio.omaha.com/TBL-Storm-Chasers-owner-Gary-Green-discusses-the-Mets-playoff-chances-and-NBDL-news-for-Omaha-29797529 TBL: Storm Chasers owner Gary Green discusses the Mets playoff chances and NBDL news for Omaha]</ref> There have been no further developments since 2015 for a team in Omaha.
=== Defunct / relocated teams ===
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:left"
! Team
! City
! Year(s)
! Former NBA affiliates
! Notes
| [[New Mexico Thunderbirds|Albuquerque / New Mexico Thunderbirds]]
| [[Albuquerque, New Mexico]]
| align=center | 2005-2011
| [[Cleveland Cavaliers]], [[Dallas Mavericks]], [[Indiana Pacers]], [[Miami Heat]], [[New Orleans Pelicans|New Orleans Hornets]], [[Orlando Magic]], [[Philadelphia 76ers]], [[Phoenix Suns]], [[Sacramento Kings]], [[Seattle SuperSonics]], [[Utah Jazz]]
| Became the [[Canton Charge]]
| [[Anaheim Arsenal]]
| [[Anaheim, California]]
| align=center | 2006-2009
| [[Atlanta Hawks]], [[Los Angeles Clippers]], [[Orlando Magic]], [[Portland Trail Blazers]]
| Became the [[Springfield Armor]]
| [[Arkansas RimRockers]]
| [[North Little Rock, Arkansas]]
| align=center | 2004-2007
| [[Atlanta Hawks]], [[Cleveland Cavaliers]], [[Memphis Grizzlies]], [[Miami Heat]], [[Toronto Raptors]]
| Suspended by owners
| [[Tulsa 66ers|Asheville Altitude]]
| [[Asheville, North Carolina]]
| align=center | 2001-2005
| None
| Became the [[Tulsa 66ers]]
| [[Bakersfield Jam]]
| [[Bakersfield, California]]
| align=center | 2006-2016
|[[Atlanta Hawks]], [[Golden State Warriors]], [[Los Angeles Clippers]], [[Los Angeles Lakers]], [[Orlando Magic]], [[Phoenix Suns]], [[Sacramento Kings]], [[Toronto Raptors]], [[Utah Jazz]]
| Became the [[Northern Arizona Suns]]
| [[Florida Flame|(North) Charleston Lowgators]]
| [[Charleston, South Carolina]]
| align=center | 2001-2004
| None
| Became the [[Florida Flame]]
| [[Colorado 14ers]]
| [[Broomfield, Colorado]]
| align=center | 2006-2009
| [[Chicago Bulls]], [[Denver Nuggets]], [[Brooklyn Nets|New Jersey Nets]], [[Toronto Raptors]]
| Became the [[Texas Legends]]
| [[Austin Toros|Columbus Riverdragons]]
| [[Columbus, Georgia]]
| align=center | 2001-2005
| None
| Became the [[Austin Toros]]
| [[Dakota Wizards]]
| [[Bismarck, North Dakota]]
| align=center | 2006-2012
| [[Chicago Bulls]], [[Golden State Warriors]], [[Memphis Grizzlies]], [[Washington Wizards]]
| Became the [[Santa Cruz Warriors]]
| [[Erie BayHawks (2008-2017)|Erie BayHawks]]
| [[Erie, Pennsylvania]]
| align=center | 2008-2017
| [[Cleveland Cavaliers]], [[New York Knicks]], [[Orlando Magic]], [[Philadelphia 76ers]], [[Toronto Raptors]]
| Became the [[Lakeland Magic]]
| [[Erie BayHawks (2017-2019)|Erie BayHawks]]
| Erie, Pennsylvania
| align=center | 2017-2019
| [[Atlanta Hawks]]
| Became the [[College Park Skyhawks]]
| [[Erie BayHawks (2019-2021)|Erie BayHawks]]
| Erie, Pennsylvania
| align=center | 2019-2021
| [[New Orleans Pelicans]]
| Relocated to Birmingham
| [[Fayetteville Patriots]]
| [[Fayetteville, North Carolina]]
| align=center | 2001-2006
| [[Charlotte Hornets|Charlotte Bobcats]], [[Detroit Pistons]], [[New York Knicks]]
| Folded by league
| [[Florida Flame]]
| [[Fort Myers, Florida]]
| align=center | 2004-2006
| [[Boston Celtics]], [[Miami Heat]], [[Minnesota Timberwolves]], [[Orlando Magic]]
| Folded by owners
| [[Fort Worth Flyers]]
| [[Fort Worth, Texas]]
| align=center | 2005-2007
| [[Charlotte Hornets|Charlotte Bobcats]], [[Dallas Mavericks]], [[Golden State Warriors]], [[Los Angeles Lakers]], [[Philadelphia 76ers]], [[Portland Trail Blazers]]
| Suspended by owners
| [[Greenville Groove]]
| [[Greenville, South Carolina]]
| align=center | 2001-2003
| None
| Folded by league
| [[Huntsville Flight]]
| [[Huntsville, Alabama]]
| align=center | 2001-2005
| None
| Became the [[Albuquerque Thunderbirds]]
| [[Idaho Stampede]]
| [[Boise, Idaho]]
| align=center | 2006-2016
| [[Denver Nuggets]], [[Portland Trail Blazers]], [[Seattle SuperSonics]], [[Toronto Raptors]], [[Utah Jazz]]
| Became the [[Salt Lake City Stars]]
| [[Mobile Revelers]]
| [[Mobile, Alabama]]
| align=center | 2001-2003
| None
| Folded by league
| [[Northern Arizona Suns]]
| [[Prescott Valley, Arizona]]
| align=center | 2016-2021
| [[Phoenix Suns]]
| Became the [[Motor City Cruise]]
| [[Reno Bighorns]]
| [[Reno, Nevada]]
| align=center | 2008-2018
| [[Atlanta Hawks]], [[Golden State Warriors]], [[Memphis Grizzlies]], [[New York Knicks]], [[Orlando Magic]], [[Sacramento Kings]], [[Utah Jazz]]
| Became the [[Stockton Kings]]
| [[Roanoke Dazzle]]
| [[Roanoke, Virginia]]
| align=center | 2001-2006
| [[Brooklyn Nets|New Jersey Nets]], [[Philadelphia 76ers]], [[Washington Wizards]]
| Folded by league
| [[Springfield Armor]]
| [[Springfield, Massachusetts]]
| align=center | 2009-2014
| [[Brooklyn Nets|New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets]], [[New York Knicks]], [[Philadelphia 76ers]]
| Became the [[Grand Rapids Drive]]
| [[Tulsa 66ers]]
| [[Tulsa, Oklahoma]]
| align=center | 2005-2014
| [[Chicago Bulls]], [[Dallas Mavericks]], [[Indiana Pacers]], [[Milwaukee Bucks]], [[New Orleans Pelicans|New Orleans Hornets]], [[New York Knicks]], [[Oklahoma City Thunder]], [[Seattle SuperSonics]]
| Became the [[Oklahoma City Blue]]
| [[Utah Flash]]
| [[Orem, Utah]]
| align=center | 2007-2011
| [[Atlanta Hawks]], [[Boston Celtics]], [[Utah Jazz]]
| Became the [[Delaware 87ers]]
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