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* [[Perfin|perforated stamps]] – while this term can be used to refer to the perforations around the edge of a stamp (used to divide the sheet into individual stamps) it is also a technical term for stamps that have additionally been perforated across the middle with letters or a distinctive pattern or monogram known as perfins. These modified stamps are usually purchased by large corporations to guard against theft by their employees.
* [[personalised stamp|personalised]] – allow user to add his own personalised picture or photograph
* [[postage due]] – a stamp applied showing that the full amount of required postage has not been paid, and indicating the amount of shortage and penalties the recipient will have to pay. (Collectors and philatelists debate whether these should be called stamps, some saying that as they do not pre-pay postage they should be called "labels".{{kaynak belirt|datetarih=August 2007}}) The United States Post Office Department issued "parcel post postage due" stamps.
* [[postal tax]] – a stamp indicating that a tax (above the regular postage rate) required for sending letters has been paid. This stamp is often mandatory on all mail issued on a particular day or for a few days only.
* [[self-adhesive stamp]] – stamps not requiring licking or moisture to be applied to the back to stick. Self-sticking.