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** [[Cemaat Meclisi sosyal yardım pulları]]
** [[Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin 50. yılı anma pulları]]
Other countries followed suit by introducing their own postage stamps; the [[Canton of Zürich]] in [[Switzerland]] issued the [[Zurich 4 and 6]] [[rappen]]; although the Penny Black could be used to send any letter weighing less than half an ounce within the United Kingdom, the Swiss postage still calculated mail rates based on the distance travelled. [[Brazil]] issued the [[Bull's Eye (postage stamp)|Bull's Eyes]] stamps in the 1843, using the same printer as that used for the [[Penny Black]] the Brazilian government opted for an abstract design instead of an image of emperor [[Pedro II of Brazil|Pedro II]] in order that his image would be not disfigured by the [[postmark]]. In 1845 some [[postmaster]]s in the [[USA]] issued their own stamps, but the first officially issued stamps came in 1847, with the 5 and 10 cent stamps depicting [[Benjamin Franklin]] and [[George Washington]]. A few other countries issued stamps in the late 1840s, but many more, such as [[Indian Postal Service|India]], started in the 1850s and by the 1860s most countries of the world had issued postage stamps.