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'''''Diff'rent Strokes''''', is3 anKasım American1978'den [[sitcom]]4 televisionMayıs series that aired1985'e onkadar [[NBC]] from November 3kanalında, 197827 toEylül May1985'ten 4,7 1985Mart and1986'ya onkadar [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] fromkanalında Septemberyayınlanan 27,ABD 1985yapımı to[[durum Marchkomedisi]] 7,(sitcom) 1986dizisi. The series starsDizide [[Gary Coleman]] andve [[Todd Bridges]], aszengin Arnolddul and Willisadamı Jackson,Phillip respectively, twoDrummond ([[AfricanConrad Americans|African-AmericanBain]]) boysve fromkızı [[Harlem]] taken in by a rich whiteKimberly ([[ParkDana AvenuePlato]]) businessmantarafından anddolandırılan widowerve named Phillip Drummond ([[Conrad BainHarlem]])'li and his daughter Kimberly ([[DanaAfrikalı PlatoAmerikalılar|Afrikalı Amerikalı]]), forArnold whomve theirWillis deceased motherJackson previouslykarakterini workedcanlandırırlar.<ref>{{cite news |başlık=Diff'rent Strokes: Complete First Season|eser=DVD Talk|url=https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/12268/diffrent-strokes-complete-first-season/|erişimtarihi=16 Ağustos 2010}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|başlık=Diff'rent Strokes: The Complete Second Season|eser=DVD Talk|url=https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/20017/diffrent-strokes-the-complete-second-season/|erişimtarihi=16 Ağustos 2010}}</ref> Duringİlk thesezon firstve seasonikinci andsezonun first half of the second season,yarısında [[Charlotte Rae]] alsode starredDrummond'ların ashizmetlisi Mrs. Edna Garrett, therolüyle Drummonds'dizide firstyer housekeeperaldı whove ultimatelydaha spunsonra offkendi intodurum her own sitcom,komedisi ''[[The Facts of Life (TV seriesdizi)|The Facts of Life]]'' as {{'}}a housemother at the fictional Eastland Schoolgeçti. Theİkinci second housekeeper,hizmetli Adelaide Brubaker, was played byrolünü [[Nedra Volz]]., Theüçüncü third housekeeper,hizmetli Pearl Gallagher rolünü, wasdaha playedsonra bybaşrole alınan [[Mary Jo Catlett]], appearing first as a recurring character before eventually becoming a main cast memberaldı. The series made stars out of Coleman, Bridges andve Plato'yu andbirer becameşöhret knownhaline forgetiren thedizi, "[[very special episodeırkçılık]]s" in which serious issues such as, [[racismmadde bağımlılığı]], [[illegal drug usealkolizm]], [[alcoholismotostop]], [[hitchhikingKişiyi hürriyetinden yoksun kılma|adam kaçırma]], ve [[kidnappingçocuk istismarı]] andgibi temaların dramatik bir şekilde işlendiği "[[childçok sexualözel abusebölüm]]ler"iyle were dramatically exploredbilinmektedir. TheBaşrol livesoyuncuları, ofhayatlarının thesedaha starssonraki weredönemlerinde lateryasal plaguedsorunlarla byve legalmadde troublesbağımlılığıyla and drug addiction, withyüzleşti; Plato andve Coleman sufferingsırasıyla early1999 deathsve in2010'de 1999olmak andüzere 2010,erken ölümleriyle gündeme respectivelygeldi.
The series was originally devised jointly to serve as a vehicle for Bain (after ''[[Maude (TV series)|Maude]]'' had abruptly finished production in 1978) and Coleman, a child actor who had caught producers' attentions after appearing in a number of commercials. An early rough outline for the series, featuring the characters created for Bain and Coleman, had the proposed title ''45 Minutes from Harlem'' (even though Harlem is only 10–15 minutes away from the Drummond residence by subway or taxi).<ref>{{cite book |başlık=The TV Guide TV Book: 40 Years of the All-Time Greatest Television Facts, Fads, Hits, and History |url=https://archive.org/details/tvguidetvbook40y00wein |url-access=registration |soyadı=Weiner |ad=Ed |yazar2=Editors of TV Guide |yıl=1992 |yayıncı=Harper Collins |konum=New York |isbn=0-06-096914-8 |sayfa=[https://archive.org/details/tvguidetvbook40y00wein/page/174 174]}}</ref> As the pitch was developed, Coleman's character gained an older brother and the daughter of Bain's character and a housekeeper was added to the line-up. The title eventually became ''Diff'rent Strokes,'' inspired by the quote "Different strokes for different folks" popularized by boxer [[Muhammad Ali]] in 1966 (Ali himself makes a guest appearance in the second season).<ref>{{cite news |başlık=10 things you never knew about 'Diff'rent Strokes' |url=https://www.metv.com/lists/10-things-you-never-knew-about-diffrent-strokes |agency=[[MeTV]] |tarih=6 Şubat 2018}}</ref> The sitcom starred Coleman as Arnold Jackson and Bridges as his older brother, Willis. They played two children from a poor section of Harlem whose deceased mother previously worked for rich widower Philip Drummond (Bain), who eventually adopted them. They lived in a penthouse with Drummond, his daughter Kimberly (Plato) and their maid. There were three maids during the sitcom's run: [[Edna Garrett]] (Rae), Adelaide Brubaker (Volz) and Pearl Gallagher (Catlett). They lived in the Penthouse Suite at 697 [[Park Avenue (Manhattan)|Park Avenue]] in New York City. As Arnold, Coleman popularized the [[catchphrase]] "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" with the ending often varied, depending on whom he was addressing. Early episodes addressed typical issues in a family. As the series progressed, although sticking to more light-hearted sit-com themes in many episodes, at times it focused on more serious topics including drug abuse, alcoholism, hitchhiking, child abuse and crime, among other issues.
===Seasons 1-4. sezonlar (1978-1982)===
The first season very much covered 'every day life' of this unusual family line-up. Although billed on the opening credits, Plato did not appear in every episode as her character was often said to be away at her private school (the character would become more regular later in the first season and across the second season). During the first season, the [[unseen character]] of "The Gooch" is first mentioned as a supposedly mean, hulking (but not very bright) bully at Arnold's school. First 'featured' in the first-season episode ''The Fight,'' where he is said to be bullying Arnold at school, The Gooch went on to be the focus of several future episodes and is mentioned in countless others across the run of the series. Rae appeared in every first-season episode as Edna Garrett and is present for the first 13 episodes of the second season, but is absent in several episodes late on in the season, before leaving to star in her own spin-off, ''The Facts of Life,'' set at Kimberly's private school, the fictional Eastland (Kimberly herself did not become a regular character in that series, although the two shows had a number of crossovers). Following Rae's departure near the end of the second season following the episode "The Rivals," Volz took over as the housekeeper, the older and crankier Adelaide Brubaker. Although she was not added to the opening credits (instead always being credited with the guest cast on the closing credits), Volz appeared as a frequent semi-regular character. Also first seen in the second season was Arnold's best friend Dudley ([[Shavar Ross]]) (initially called Dudley Ramsay, later Dudley Johnson). The character went on to be featured in many episodes, both school-based and otherwise, throughout the show's run. During the fourth season, [[Dody Goodman]] was also introduced as Philip's dotty sister Sophia. Also appearing on a semi-regular basis, she effectively filled the same function as Adelaide as the older female character in many stories.
===Seasons 5-6. sezonlar (1982-1984)===
In Season 5, Catlett portrayed Pearl Gallagher, the last of the three maids and joined the cast as a series regular. Pearl appeared in almost every episode until the final season. Midway through the sixth season, Plato became pregnant and approached the producers of the show to include her pregnancy. Initially they agreed to add it, but they later decided not to add the pregnancy, with Plato's publicized brushes with substance abuse contributing to this decision, resulting in her dismissal from the series, with her character, Kimberly, written out of the storylines with the explanation that she moved to Paris to study for a couple of years. Plato did not appear as a regular cast member in the final two seasons of the series, but she made several guest appearances. At the same time, ratings were beginning to fall, so new characters were added to open up future storylines. [[Dixie Carter]] and [[Danny Cooksey]] portrayed recently divorced television aerobics instructor Margaret "Maggie" McKinney and her son Sam, respectively.<ref>{{cite news|başlık= TV Playbook: ''Let's Add a Kid!''|eser= IGN|url= http://uk.tv.ign.com/articles/935/935812p2.html|erişimtarihi=15 Ağustos 2010}}</ref> Carter was introduced midway into the sixth season; after she left for [[California]], Drummond and the family took off after her, during a two-part trip in February 1984, a storyline which also introduced Sam. Phillip proposed to Maggie and they married. Several past characters attended the wedding ceremony including Dudley, Aunt Sophia, Adelaide and Mrs. Garrett.
===Season 7. sezon (1984-1985)===
In the seventh season, Carter and Cooksey were added to the opening credits (with Carter getting special "and" billing, last in the order) and many new areas and ideas were explored in the storylines, as viewers now got to see Philip as a happily married man. Plato was no longer appearing as a main cast member, because of her pregnancy in real life. The producers felt that the pregnancy wouldn't be acceptable, so she was dropped from the show and returned for the season finale ''A Special Friend'' as a guest star. Also, since there was a new fresh-faced kid in the house with Sam, Arnold now had his own little sidekick and was happy to be a "big brother" for a change and with Willis being dropped into the background slightly, this new brotherly duo took center stage for many storylines. In the season, Todd Bridges was continuing the show as a main cast member, but developed absences in several episodes. Additionally, stories focusing on Arnold's school life (featured occasionally in many previous seasons) were delved into much more. The ratings did not improve to NBC's hopes. Carter departed at the end of the seventh season and was replaced in the final season with Mobley.
===Season 8. sezon (1985-1986)===
In the spring of 1985, NBC canceled the series because of poor ratings. ABC picked up the series for an eighth season and aired it Friday nights. In this season, Mobley replaced Carter as Maggie McKinney Drummond. Mobley, who had previously played an unrelated, one-off love interest of Drummond's in the second-season episode "Teacher's Pet," was considered for Maggie when the role was created, but she was not initially chosen in part due to age disparity between her and Bain.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=y_9aAAAAIBAJ&sjid=5U0NAAAAIBAJ&pg=3384,3850530&dq=mary-ann-mobley+diff-rent-strokes&hl=en|başlık=The Durant Daily Democrat – Google News Archive Search|eser=google.com|erişimtarihi=26 Ocak 2015}}</ref> ABC canceled the series after 19 episodes and aired its final episode on March 7, 1986. The show returned to ABC's schedule in June for three months of summer reruns, which ended on August 30, 1986. The final season ranked 76th out of 106 shows and averaged an 11.5 household rating.{{citation needed|date=June 2013}}
{{Main|List of Diff'rent Strokes characters}}
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* [[Conrad Bain]] as&ndash; Phillip Drummond
* [[Gary Coleman]] as&ndash; Arnold Jackson
* [[Todd Bridges]] as&ndash; Willis Jackson
* [[Dana Plato]] as&ndash; Kimberly Drummond (1978–84, 1985–86 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Charlotte Rae]] as&ndash; Edna Garrett (1978–79)
* [[Nedra Volz]] as&ndash; Adelaide Brubaker (1980–84)
* [[Janet Jackson]] as&ndash; Charlene DuPrey (1980–84 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Dody Goodman]] as&ndash; Sophia Drummond (1981–84 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Shavar Ross]] as&ndash; Dudley Johnson (1980–86 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Le Tari]] as&ndash; Ted Ramsey (1980–84 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Mary Jo Catlett]] as&ndash; Pearl Gallagher (1982–86)
* [[Rosalind Chao]] as&ndash; Miss Chung (1981–83 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Steven Mond]] as&ndash; Robbie Jason (1980–85 recurringgeri geliş)
* [[Dixie Carter]] as&ndash; Maggie McKinney Drummond #1 (1984–85)
* [[Mary Ann Mobley]] as&ndash; Maggie McKinney Drummond #2 (1985–86) and asve Ms. Osbourne rolüyle
* [[Danny Cooksey]] as&ndash; Sam McKinney (1984–86)
* [[Jason Hervey]] as&ndash; Charlie (1985–86 recurringgeri geliş)
* Nikki Swasey as&ndash; Lisa Hayes (1982–86 recurringgeri geliş)
Phillip Drummond is the only character to appear in every episode of the series. Arnold Jackson missed five episodes, two from the fourth season in 1981-82 (“First Day Blues" and "The Team") and three from the seventh season in 1984–85 ("The Gymnasts", "Sam Adopts a Grandparent" and "Baseball Blues").
===SupportingYardımcı charactersoyuncular===
Outside of the Drummond household, there were a large number of supporting characters seen over the years. Phillip's slightly dotty sister Sophia ([[Dody Goodman]]) was regularly seen in the fourth season, playing matchmaker for her brother in hopes of getting Philip to marry again. Dudley Johnson ([[Shavar Ross]]) was Arnold's new best friend, who, like Arnold, was also adopted, with whom he shared many memorable childhood scrapes. Some of these were important or serious storylines under the "very special episode" heading, which ''Diff'rent Strokes'' popularized (see below). Ted Ramsey ([[Le Tari]]) was Dudley's adoptive father, who turned up occasionally. In the third season, [[Janet Jackson]] played Willis' girlfriend, Charlene DuPrey. She was a frequent recurring character until the sixth season, when Charlene and Willis decided to [[break up]], but remain friends. Other classmates and friends of Arnold seen over time included Robbie Jason ([[Steven Mond]]) and snobby Lisa Hayes (Nikki Swasey), who initially was sweet on Arnold, but later came to despise him, leading to hatred between the pair and many squabbles. Miss Chung ([[Rosalind Chao]]) was Arnold's teacher. In the fall of 1985, when the series moved to ABC for the seventh season, Arnold, Dudley and Lisa entered high school, where they gained a new friend in Charlie ([[Jason Hervey]]). An oft-mentioned character, spanning the entire show's run, was "The Gooch," a notorious bully at Arnold's school. First mentioned in the first-season episode "The Fight," which revolves around his bullying of Arnold, his name is mentioned in numerous episodes (and his bullying of Arnold returned as the center of several plots), with Arnold's frequent descriptions of him as a burly, troublesome brute, forever looking for trouble but not very intelligent, but the character never actually appeared on screen. In the seventh season, after years of harassing Arnold (and later Sam), the Gooch was finally defeated by Arnold's neighbor and nemesis Carmella, a [[Foreign exchange student]].
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===Very special episodes===
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| renk1 = #FF5F5F
| link1 = #1. sezon (1978–79)
| bolum1 = 24
| basla1 = {{Start date|1978|11|3}}
| bitis1 = {{End date|1979|5|4}}
| kanal1 = [[NBC]]
| ekstraA1 = 27
| ekstraB1 = 19.9
| ekstraC1 = {{N/A}}
| renk2 = #800080
| link2 = #2. sezon (1979–80)
| bolum2 = 26
| basla2 = {{Start date|1979|9|21}}
| bitis2 = {{End date|1980|3|26}}
| ekstraA2 = 26
| ekstraB2 = 20.3
| ekstraC2 = {{N/A}}
| renk3 = #FFA500
| link3 = #3. sezon (1980–81)
| bolum3 = 22
| basla3 = {{Start date|1980|11|12}}
| bitis3 = {{End date|1981|5|13}}
| ekstraA3 = 17
| ekstraB3 = 20.7
| ekstraC3 = ''[[Fantasy Island]]''<br/>''[[Trapper John, M.D.]]''
| renk4 = #006600
| link4 = #4. sezon (1981–82)
| bolum4 = 26
| basla4 = {{Start date|1981|10|29}}
| bitis4 = {{End date|1982|5|20}}
| ekstraA4 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraB4 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraC4 = {{N/A}}
| renk5 = #FFFF00
| link5 = #5. sezon (1982–83)
| bolum5 = 24
| basla5 = {{Start date|1982|10|2}}
| bitis5 = {{End date|1983|5|14}}
| ekstraA5 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraB5 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraC5 = {{N/A}}
| renk6 = #0000FF
| link6 = #6. sezon (1983–84)
| bolum6 = 24
| basla6 = {{Start date|1983|10|1}}
| bitis6 = {{End date|1984|5|12}}
| ekstraA6 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraB6 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraC6 = {{N/A}}
| renk7 = #8A4500
| link7 = #7. sezon (1984–85)
| bolum7 = 24
| basla7 = {{Start date|1984|9|29}}
| bitis7 = {{End date|1985|5|4}}
| ekstraA7 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraB7 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraC7 = {{N/A}}
| renk8 = #000000
| link8 = #8. sezon (1985–86)
| bolum8 = 19
| basla8 = {{Start date|1985|9|27}}
| bitis8 = {{End date|1986|3|7}}
| kanal8 = [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]
| ekstraA8 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraB8 = {{N/A}}
| ekstraC8 = {{N/A}}
===Çok özel bölümler===
[[File:Nancyreagandiffrentstrokes.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Nancy Reagan on the set of ''Diff'rent Strokes'']]
''Diff'rent Strokes'' was also known for its many "very special episodes," most notably an anti-drug episode ("The Reporter") that featured [[First Lady of the United States|First Lady]] [[Nancy Reagan]], who promoted her "[[Just Say No]]" campaign and "[[The Bicycle Man]]," a two-part episode that guest starred [[Gordon Jump]] as a [[pedophilia|pedophile]] who lures Arnold and Dudley into his bicycle shop and attempts to [[child molestation|molest]] them. Another episode involved a [[con artist]] (played by [[Whitman Mayo]]) posing as a relative of Arnold and Willis in an attempt to get access to the inheritance they were left by a former neighbor. Another episode ("Skin Deep or True Blue") involved Kimberly's new boyfriend, Roger Morehouse, not allowing his sister, Emily ([[Melora Hardin]]), to go to their school's costume ball with Willis because he is black. A less serious episode ("Green Hair") had Kimberly's hair turning green from acid rain. In a two-part episode on the dangers of [[hitchhiking]] ("The Hitchhikers"), Kimberly and Arnold (who were out in the cold weather and didn't have money for cab or bus fare) were abducted by a serial kidnapper-rapist (played by Woody Eney), who initially acted as a good Samaritan by giving the two of them a ride and inviting them to his apartment. After the man's true nature became known, Arnold escaped to look for help and the man nearly raped Kimberly before the police arrived to arrest him. At the end of the episode, Bain (in an out-of-character [[Public Service Announcement|PSA]]) spoke about what to do if real life situations as the one portrayed on the show were to occur. Two notable episodes dealt with the consequences of [[alcoholism]]. In the first, season 5's "A Drinking Problem," Willis moves out of the penthouse to live with Jerry ([[Lawrence Monoson]]) who abuses alcohol. In the second, season 7's "Cheers to Arnold," Arnold must deal with Ricky ([[Robert Jayne]]), a classmate whom he catches drinking a thermos of alcohol in the school bathroom. In the final season (when the sitcom moved from NBC to ABC), the one-hour season opener ("Sam's Missing") revolved around Sam being kidnapped by Donald Brown ([[Royce D. Applegate]]), a bereaved father hoping to replace his own dead son, Tommy. In other notable episodes, such as season 8's "Bulimia," the family discovered that Kimberly was suffering from [[bulimia]]. In another episode, season 7's "A Special Friend," Arnold and Sam met Karen, a [[street performer]]. After a performance, she has an [[Epilepsy|epileptic]] seizure and Sam thinks she's dying. The boys then feel uncomfortable around her and when they begin making jokes about her seizures, they find out that housekeeper Pearl herself has epilepsy but, unlike Karen, controls her seizures by taking medication.
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* {{IMDb title|id=0244953|title=After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped}}
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