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düzeltme, değiştirildi: 2004 → 2004 AWB ile
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(düzeltme, değiştirildi: 2004 → 2004 AWB ile)
* [http://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html The Library of Congress, Digital Collections and Programs]
* [http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/ The Library of Congress, Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program]
* [http://feinstein.senate.gov/04Releases/r-df-boxer-perch.htm "Boxer And Feinstein Concerned About Impartiality Of National Academy Of Sciences Perchlorate Committee"], 14 Mayıs [[2004]]
* [http://www.vega.org.uk/video/programme/119 Freeview Video Interview 2006] Sherwood Rowland, NL, discusses Climate Change. This and other programmes on members of the National Academy of Sciences can be found on the Vega Science Trust's website.
* [http://www.nationalacademies.org/arts National Academy of Sciences' Office of Exhibitions and Cultural Programs]