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Standart kullanımlardaki İngilizce iç bağların tercümesi
k (Standart kullanımlardaki İngilizce iç bağların tercümesi)
*[[Dutch Top 40]]
*[[Single Top 100]]
*Tipparade<ref>(The ''Tipparade'' is of origin a ''radio Veronica''-chart of 30 current records which make chance on appearing in the [[Dutch Top 40]], based on sales of wholesale trade and [[retail]]. The chart started out as a list of 20 records in 1967. The first official Tipparade appeared on July 15, 1967. With the figures of sale and [[airplay (songşarkı)|airplay]] among others, the classification is determined.)</ref>
*Mega Dance Top 30
*Mega Airplay Top 50<ref>(Most played tracks on the radio and on television)</ref>