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(Rescuing 1 sources and tagging 0 as dead.) #IABot (v2.0)
|yaygın_diller = *[[Farsça]] <small>(resmi & hukuki dil; [[lingua franca]])<ref name="ReferenceA">Savory, R. M. and Roger Savory, ''Introduction to Islamic civilisation'', (Cambridge University Press, 1976 ), 82.</ref><ref>Black, Edwin, ''Banking on Baghdad: inside Iraq's 7,000-year history of war, profit and conflict'', (John Wiley and sons, 2004), 38.</ref><ref name="Bosworth">C.E. Bosworth, "Turkish Expansion towards the west" in ''UNESCO History of Humanity'', Volume IV, titled "From the Seventh to the Sixteenth Century", UNESCO Publishing / Routledge, p. 391: "While the Arabic language retained its primacy in such spheres as law, theology and science, the culture of the Seljuk court and secular literature within the sultanate became largely Persianized; this is seen in the early adoption of Persian epic names by the Seljuk rulers (Qubād, Kay Khusraw and so on) and in the use of Persian as a literary language (Turkish must have been essentially a vehicle for everyday speech at this time)."</ref></small>
*[[Ana Oğuz Türkçesi|Türkçe]]<ref name="Bosworth" /><ref>{{Web kaynağı | url = http://www.insanbilimleri.com/ojs/index.php/uib/article/view/12/22 | başlık = Türk Halk ve Klasik Müziklerinin Oluşum ve İlişkilerine Tarihten Bakmak | erişimtarihi = 22 Mart 2010 | çalışma = İnsan Bilimleri Dergisi | tarih = 14 Nisan 2006 | arşivurl = httphttps://web.archive.org/web/20120112165641/http://www.insanbilimleri.com/ojs/index.php/uib/article/view/12/22 | arşivtarihi = 12 Ocak 2012 | ölüurl = no }}</ref><ref>''Concise encyclopedia of languages of the world'', Ed. Keith Brown, Sarah Ogilvie, (Elsevier Ltd., 2009), 1110; "Oghuz Turkic is first represented by Old Anatolian Turkish which was a subordinate written medium until the end of the Seljuk rule."</ref> <small>(hanedan ve ordu dili)</small>
*[[Arapça]] <small>(öğretim dili<ref name="ReferenceA"/><ref name="Bosworth" />)</small>