Foucher de Chartres: Revizyonlar arasındaki fark

(çeviriye devam)
== Hayatı ==
Foucher 1059 yılında doğdu.{{Kdş|Peters|1971|p=23}} 1097 yılında [[I. Baudouin (Kudüs kralı)|I. Baudouin]]'in özel papazı olarak atandıatanması onun bir papaz olarak yetiştirildiğini gösterir, muhtemelen Chartres Okulu'ndan mezun olmuş olabilir.
His appointment as chaplain of [[Baldwin I of Jerusalem|Baldwin of Boulogne]] in 1097 suggests that he had been trained as a priest, most likely at the [[school of Chartres]]. However, he was probably not a member of the cathedral chapter, since he is not named in the listing of the ''Dignitaries of the Church of Our Lady of Chartres''.
The details of the [[Council of Clermont]] in his history suggest he attended the council personally,{{sfn|Peters|1971|p=23}} or knew someone who did, perhaps [[bishop]] [[Ivo of Chartres]], who also influenced Fulcher's opinions on [[Roman Catholic Church]] reform and the [[investiture controversy]] with the [[Holy Roman Empire]].
Fulcher's work was used by many other chroniclers who lived after him. [[William of Tyre]] and [[William of Malmesbury]] used part of the chronicle as a source. His chronicle is generally accurate, though not entirely so. It was published in the ''[[Recueil des historiens des croisades]]'' and the [[Patrologia Latina]], and a critical edition of the Latin version was published by Heinrich Hagenmeyer in 1913.
== Kaynakça ==