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{{Bizans-Norman Savaşları kutusu}}
'''Bari Kuşatması''',<!--took place 1068&ndash;71, during the [[Middle Ages]], when [[Italo-Normans|Norman forces]], under the command of [[Robert Guiscard]], laid siege to the city of [[Bari]], a major stronghold of the [[Byzantine]]s in Italy and the capital of the [[Catepanate of Italy]], starting from 5 August 1068. Bari was captured on 16 April 1071 when Robert Guiscard entered the city, ending over five centuries of Byzantine presence in [[Southern Italy]].
===Background Arka Plan ===
{{see also|Norman conquest of southern Italy}}
{{Ayrıca bakınız|Güney İtalya'nın Normanlar tarafından fethi}}
By 1060, only a few coastal cities in Apulia were still in Byzantine hands: during the previous few decades, the Normans had increased their possessions in southern Italy and now aimed to the complete expulsion of the Byzantines from the peninsula before concentrating on the conquest of [[Sicily]], then mostly [[emirate of Sicily|under Islamic domination]].