Lazika Savaşı: Revizyonlar arasındaki fark

Mihr-Mihroe'nun ölümünden sonra 555 yılında [[Nachoragan]], Sasani kuvvetlerinin baş komutanı olarak atandı.
He repulsed the Byzantine attack on the Persian positions at [[Onoguris]] and forced the enemy out of [[Archaeopolis]], a city which Mihr-Mihroe had twice tried and failed to take. These defeats caused a bitter feud between the Lazic and Byzantine generals. King Gubazes quarreled with Byzantine commanders [[Bessas (general)|Bessas]], [[Martin (general under Justinian I)|Martin]], and Rusticus, complaining to emperor Justinian. Bessas was recalled, but Rusticus and his brother John eventually murdered Gubazes. The [[Laz people|Lazi]] people got the Emperor to nominate [[Tzath II of Lazica|Tzathes]], the younger brother of Gubazes, as their new king, and Senator Athanasius investigated the assassination. Rusticus and John were arrested, tried, and executed. In 556, the allies retook Archaeopolis and routed Nachoragan in his abortive [[Siege of Phasis|attack on Phasis]]. In the autumn and winter of the same year, the Byzantines suppressed a rebellion staged by the mountain tribe of the [[Misimians]], and finally expelled the Persians from the country.