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His first work in Rome was an account of the Jewish War, addressed to certain "upper barbarians" – usually thought to be the Jewish community in [[Mesopotamia]] – in his "paternal tongue" (''War'' I.3), arguably the Western [[Aramaic language]]. He then wrote a seven-volume account in [[Greek language|Greek]] known to us as the ''[[The Wars of the Jews|Jewish War]]'' ([[Latin]] ''Bellum Iudaicum''). It starts with the period of the [[Maccabees]] and concludes with accounts of the fall of [[Jerusalem]], the Roman victory celebrations in Rome, the mopping-up operations, Roman military operations elsewhere in the Empire and the uprising in [[Cyrene, Libya|Cyrene]]. Together with the account in his ''Life'' of some of the same events, it also provides the reader with an overview of Josephus' own part in the events since his return to Jerusalem from a brief visit to Rome in the early [[60s]] (''Life'' 13-17).