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Among other notable structures are:
* [[Pavia Cathedral|Cathedral of Pavia]] (''[[Duomo]] di Pavia''), begun in 1488; however, only by 1898 were the façade and the dome completed according to the original design. The central dome has an octagonal plan, stands 97 m high, and weighs some 20,000 tons. This dome is the third for size in Italy, after [[St. Peter's Basilica]] andve [[Santa Maria del Fiore]] in Florence. Next to the Duomo were the [[Torre Civica (Pavia)|Civic Tower]] (existing at least from 1330 and enlarged in 1583 by [[Pellegrino Tibaldi]]): its fall on March 17, 1989, was the final motivating force that started the last decade's efforts to save the [[Leaning Tower of Pisa]] from a similar fate.
* ''[[San Michele Maggiore]]'' (St. Michael) is an outstanding example of Lombard-Romanesque church architecture in Lombardy. It is located on the site of a pre-existing [[Lombards|Lombard]] church, which the lower part of the [[campanile]] belongs to. Destroyed in 1004, the church was rebuilt from around the end of the 11th century (including the crypt, the transept and the choir), and finished in 1155. It is characterized by an extensive use of [[sandstone]] and by a very long transept, provided with a façade and an apse of its own. In the church the Emperor [[Frederick Barbarossa]] was crowned in 1155.
* The Basilica of ''[[San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro]]'' ("St. Peter in Golden Sky"), where Saint [[Augustine of Hippo|Augustine]], [[Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius|Boethius]] and the [[Lombards|Lombard]] king [[Liutprand, King of the Lombards|Liutprand]] are buried, was begun in the 6th century. The current construction was built in 1132. It is similar to San Michele Maggiore, but different in the asymmetric façade with a single portal, the use of [[brickwork]] instead of [[sandstone]], and, in the interior, the absence of matronei, galleries reserved for women and the shortest [[transept]]. The noteworthy arch housing the relics of St. Augustine was built in 1362 by artists from [[Campione d'Italia|Campione]], and is decorated by some 150 statues and reliefs. The church is mentioned by [[Dante Alighieri]] in the X canto of his ''[[Divine Comedy]]''.
Dosya:Cupola Arnaboldi.jpg|La Cupola Arnaboldi ([[1882]])
Dosya:San michele maggiore.JPG|Pavia - "San michele maggiore Katedrali"
Dosya:Italy - Pavia - Borgo Basso.jpg|Pavia - eski sehir surlari disinda tarihsel gelismisgelişmiş olan Ticino adli semt
Dosya:Italy Pavia Ponte vecchio.JPG|Pavia - "Ponte Coperto" Koprusu
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