"Bizans İç Savaşı (1321-1328)" sayfasının sürümleri arasındaki fark

The peace agreement of 1321 did not last long, as both Andronikoi pursued virtually independent foreign policies. Within the faction of Andronikos III a rift arose between the Syrgiannes and ''[[megas domestikos]]'' John Kantakouzenos. Syrgiannes felt that he had not been sufficiently rewarded for his support, and he also resented the greater favour shown by Andronikos II to Kantakouzenos. Furthermore, there is also a story that Andronikos III attempted to seduce Syrgiannes' wife.<ref name="Fine251"/><ref name="Cumans121">Vásáry (2005), p. 121</ref> As a result, in December 1321 Syrgiannes switched support to the old emperor, fleeing to Constantinople. Rewarded with the title of ''[[megas doux]]'', he then convinced Andronikos II to resume the war.<ref name="Nicol157"/><ref name="ODB">Kazhdan (1991), p. 1997</ref><ref>Norwich (1996), p. 278</ref> After several cities in the area of Constantinople went over to the younger Andronikos, another agreement in July 1322 restored the previous status quo. This agreement between grandfather and grandson left Syrgiannes in an awkward position. Having failed in his endeavours, he began plotting to assassinate Andronikos II and seize the throne for himself. The plot was foiled however, and Syrgiannes was sentenced to life imprisonment.<ref name="ODB"/><ref>Norwich (1996), p.282</ref><ref>Nicol (1993), p. 158</ref>
On 2 February 1325, Andronikos III was formally crowned as co-emperor by his grandfather. Although there was little fighting during this conflict, the effects had a major impact on the empire: constant troop movements from [[Unfree labour|levied]] [[peasants]] reduced agricultural production and trade was severely interrupted.<ref>Ostrogorsky, p. 501</ref>
2 Şubat 1325 tarihinde, III. Andronikos resmen büyükbabası tarafından ortak imparator olarak taçlandırıldı. Bu ihtilafta çok az muharebe olmasına rağmen, sonuçlarının imparatorluk üzerinde büyük etkileri oldu: özgür olmayan [[köylü sınıfı]]ndan alınan daimi birlikler yüzünden tarım üretimi azaldı ve ticaret sert bir biçimde kesildi.<ref>Ostrogorsky, p. 501</ref>
== 1327–28: Üçüncü ihtilaf ==