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Fa-min-na l-walīdu wa-min-na r-rashīd <br />
Fa-lim lā nasūdu wa-lim lā nashīd?
Guardians of the homeland, upon you be peace, <br />
[our] proud spirits refuse to be humiliated. <br />
The den of Arabism is a sacred sanctuary, <br />
and the throne of the suns is a preserve that will not be subjugated. <br />
<br />
The quarters of Syria are towers in height, <br />
which are in dialogue with the zenith of the skies. <br />
A land resplendent with brilliant suns, <br />
becoming another sky or almost a sky. <br />
<br />
The flutter of hopes and the beat of the heart, <br />
are on a flag that united the entire country. <br />
Is there not blackness from every eye, <br />
and ink from every martyr's blood? <br />
<br />
[Our] spirits are defiant and [our] history is glorious, <br />
and our martyrs' souls are formidable guardians. <br />
From us is "[[Al-Walid I|Al-Walid]]" and from us is "[[Harun al-Rashid|ar-Rashid]]", <br />
so why wouldn't we prosper and why wouldn't we build?
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Guardians of homeland, upon you be peace, <br />
our ever-proud souls refuse to be seized. <br />
The den of Arabism is our sacred home, <br />
and the throne of our suns will never go down. <br />
<br />
The mountains of Syria are towers in height, <br />
which talk with the zenith of the highest skies. <br />
A land that is splendid with brilliant sun, <br />
turning to a sky or almost a sky. <br />
<br />
The flutter of our hopes and the beats of our hearts, <br />
depicted on the flag that united our land. <br />
Did we not derive the black from every man's eye, <br />
and from ink of martyr's blood wrote to the tall sky? <br />
<br />
Spirits defiant and past so glorious, <br />
and the martyrs' souls are our guardians. <br />
"[[Al-Walid I|Walid]]" is from us and so is "[[Harun al-Rashid|Rashid]]", <br />
so why won't we prosper and why won't we sing? <br />
<br />
Sanatsal çeviri: Muhaned Elhindi