Munsö Hanedanı: Revizyonlar arasındaki fark

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It is also known as the House of Ivar Vidfamne, the House of Uppsala,[2] or simply the Old Dynasty. Munsö is the island where a barrow has been claimed to be the grave of Björn Ironside, a legendary founding member.[3]
The sagas, such as the Hervarar saga, contain extensive information on this dynasty for as many as 10 generations,[4] but although, some of the 9th-century kings are held to be historical,[3] modern Swedish historiography begins it with the late 10th-century king, Eric the Victorious.[2] The king Björn, who was the father of Eric the Victorious, according to the sagas, is not accepted as historical by critical historians,[5] unlike another 10th-century king named Emund Eriksson who appears in the work of Adam of Bremen.[6]