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*[ Information about Stasi victims]
*[ Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic – Official site]
*[ Museum in the former Stasi headquarters, Berlin-Lichtenberg]
*[ Homepage of the ''Gesellschaft zur Rechtlichen und Humanitären Unterstützung'']
*[ Interview with a Stasi victim, blog by amadelio'']
*[ Official website of the award winning film ''The Lives of Others'']
*[ Photos of Stasi Headquarters in Berlin]
*[ Read about the Defection of a Stasi Agent]
*[,1518,486390,00.html "Support Group For Spies: From East German Spooks to West German Victims"]
*[ Official website of the award winning film ''The Burning Wall'']
*[ The documentary film ''Germany's Records of Repression'']
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